The Yeti scared the villagers in Tatarstan

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In the program, dedicated to paranormal phenomena, published the other day on Ren TV, told how in one of the villages of Tatarstan two weeks at night frequented a creature bringing terror to the dogs.

The animals barked furiously at first, and then, tails between their legs, hiding in the kennels and whined. The locals in his veins froze the blood.

As write «news Zelenodolsk», the story told journalists Igor Sokolov, who did not call the settlement, but said that it was 40 kilometers from Kazan.

The man assured that traveled to this town and was amazed that the local forest was like a desert – he didn’t even hear birds singing! He claimed that the villagers worried exactly Bigfoot, but it followed from the context of the transfer.

Йети пугали жителей деревни в Татарстане

40 kilometers from Kazan – the distance at which the Zelenodolsk from the capital. And we decided to check out it said the head of the regional branch of «Kazan-Kosmopoisk» Maria PETROVA. This organization unites all the information about unidentified phenomena on the territory of the Republic.

– Information about Bigfoot, courtesy of REN TV, I can neither confirm, nor deny, – told us a specialist on UFOs. – Hearing about this for the first time, employees of the TV channel did not appeal to me.

Can build only speculate: perhaps it is implied anomalous zone near pestretzoff, near the village Shikasta. We went to this forest a couple of times, the trip reports posted on our website. Perhaps the broadcasters Foundation for their story took.

Mary expressed doubt that our Republic may live Yeti. «We have too little forest.»

She remembered only two cases of presumptive commits Bigfoot in Tatarstan. One of them happened seven years ago during a photo shoot in an accident in Arsk. In the background in the shot of a strange creature, much resembling a humanoid.

Candid camera captured a coated figure, which is seen in the picture only three months after the accident.

On the photo got Yeti?

Йети пугали жителей деревни в Татарстане

The head of the branch of the «Kosmopoisk» – native inhabitant of Tatarstan and fan of local legends tend to believe that if anyone can live in our forests is… Shurale. «And the snow man will be quite comfortable in the neighboring Mari El Republic and Kirov region, where many forests do».

She told that it has information that a resident of Moscow Valery Drifts going in April to visit Tatarstan to discover we have traces of the Yeti. The researcher had worked as a CSI, then was engaged in searching for missing animals and he has a wealth of experience in this area.

The idea to go to our Republic, it pushed the story told by the eyewitness, which for several years allegedly met with a snow man. But it was for a long time, a few years ago. Ex-CSI will have to establish: whether there was contact in the past or not.

Maria Petrova said that the information about the place searches Muscovite classified, and expressed the hope that over time, information about the results of his work will become public.

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