A terrible collision with the monsters of the tunnels From talking monkeys to reptiles

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Let’s start with the fact that the tunnels themselves are quite eerie. It’s dark and so crowded that can begin the panic attack and claustrophobia, there is dampness, mold, and their disturbing atmosphere awakens in us a very ancient feeling that it was still among primitive people. The tunnels are a great place to tell scary stories.

In this place we feel uncomfortable and alone and in the company of friends. And there’s something that makes these unfriendly and dark places even more terrible — the notion that somewhere out there in the pitch dark running around and crawling terrible unknown creature. What more could cause running shivers on your back is the realization that a meeting with the tunnel monsters do not happen only in horror movies.

Жуткие столкновения с монстрами из туннелей: От говорящих обезьян до рептилоидов

This case occurred in 1976 in Toronto, Canada and called the «Tunnel monster from Cabbagetown». Under Toronto there is an extensive network of underground caves dug for different purposes in the tunnels. 51-year-old Ernest (his name in the press was named) got into the tunnels under the earth in order to find the missing kitten. At first he was looking for a kitten in the area nearby, but then he found the entrance under the ground and decided with a flashlight to come.

The man came down into the darkness and managed to move through the tunnel at a distance of 10 feet (3 meters), when suddenly out of the darkness directly at him popped a mysterious creature. According to the description it looked like a long skinny monkey in the height of three feet (90 cm) with large teeth and covered with gray fur. She had large eyes, burning a bright orange color, which immediately scared Ernest.

Just think, escaped monkey from the zoo and settled in the sewers, I thought many would. But not so simple. According to Ernest, the monkey spoke to him!

«What I saw was like a bad nightmare that I will never forget,» the man later told reporters, «It’s the being told me «Get out of here, get out of here!» and his voice was hissing like a snake. Then it ran into another tunnel and disappeared in the darkness. I got out as fast as he could, shivering from the intense fear.»

Жуткие столкновения с монстрами из туннелей: От говорящих обезьян до рептилоидов

The case of Ernest and his interview was published in the newspaper the Toronto Sun on condition of anonymity, Ernest was afraid that if they knew his full name, over it everyone will laugh. The man escorted the journalists to the place where it all happened. Reporters saw a small gap in the ground between the houses, which went under the ground into the tunnel.

Жуткие столкновения с монстрами из туннелей: От говорящих обезьян до рептилоидов

Journalists suggested that it leads to the sewers and went down there. Inside they were a bit like here and there, found no one, but they came across the mutilated corpse of a cat that was half buried in the sand. Apparently this was the kitten that went missing from Ernest. But who killed him and buried?

After that, the reporters interviewed workers who serve the sewer tunnels and one of the workers made the chilling statement:

«None of the people living on the surface, does not know what a world down there. And it’s a completely different world. Hardly someone could assume that down there people can live, but it happens and a few years ago in new York found one such. I don’t know what you saw down there Ernest, but one thing I will say for sure. If I have to descend into this hell, I will never go there alone.»

«Monster of Cabbagetown» still remains a mystery Toronto and no one knows what it could be. Especially strange that that year more about it there was no information.

In that story one more detail. The area where he had seen this creature, he was known among the local Indians as the place where lived stunted hairy humanoid creature called Mimarisi (Memegwesi) — «Little people». Maybe once they went into the tunnels, hiding from white people and still live somewhere in the depths?

Жуткие столкновения с монстрами из туннелей: От говорящих обезьян до рептилоидов

There are other stories about monsters in the tunnels. In 1963, in Illinois, the people from the suburbs of St. Louis and Centerville began to notice a hairy humanoid creature.

It was described as dangerous and evil. Sometimes it sailosi in the courtyards of houses, and once even tried to attack the man. On may 9, 1963, the police began to receive a lot of calls about this thing. The peak was more than 50 calls a day.

Witnesses reported that the creature, while trying to catch him, ran away all the time in the sewer tunnels. While it was difficult to describe his appearance. People gave conflicting descriptions, and a group of children once described him as «half man-half woman with a half bald half hairy head.»

By the end of may reports of the observation of this creature sharply and suddenly stopped. Who it was remained a mystery.

Another strange case was recorded in 1981, when on March 5 The New Dispatch Valley of Pennsylvania published an article titled «Green Thing Sparks Rumors» («Rumors about a green creature»).

In the article it was reported that a group of young people near Kensington, PA saw iptelephone being at a height of 4 feet (120 cm). the creature looked like a «dinosaur-like humanoid» with a thin tail and appeared from a sewer tunnel. It was reported that the teenagers tried to harass the creature, and one even tried to grab it by the tail, but the creature screeched so loud that the guy from a fright let go the tail. The creature eventually disappeared into the darkness of the tunnel.

Description this teen girl is suitable for descriptions of reptilians or reptilian aliens. What if they are somewhere underground is the base and the tunnels they use to outside? This version probably confirms another case with the green reptile, this time in 2008 in California.

A resident of the city of Anaheim was walking his dog when the dog suddenly turned its attention to the strange green creature that was peering out of the manhole. The woman claimed that later the creature came to her night in the trailer and crept to her bed.

In fear the woman ran to the trailer to her friend and begged for his help. Thus, according to her, around her trailer was and other green lizards and they climbed out of the hatch of a sewer, from which the woman started in terror to scream.

Her friend jumped out with a Golf club and started yelling at these monsters and threaten them, after which they apparently decided not to fight and leave. A man described these creatures as very large reptiles with large sharp teeth.

The story was not yet finished. The next night the pair heard terrible screams in the dark, and in the morning discovered near the remains of some animal. This man and woman had to move their trailers to a new location.

In connection with these stories about reptilians from the sewage can remember a curious fact that in the 1930-ies under the Los Angeles was discovered a huge network of mysterious tunnels. This report was published in the Los Angeles Times, and found these tunnels engineer-geologist Warren Shufelt (G. Warren Shufelt).

Shufelt believed that the tunnels are cover Los Angeles and the entire state of California. as well as the nearest districts. He was also sure that these tunnels were constructed by a certain ancient civilization of dinosaurs.

Жуткие столкновения с монстрами из туннелей: От говорящих обезьян до рептилоидов

And the tunnels reptilians are found not only in America.

On the website of the researcher of anomalous phenomena LON Strickler was a few years ago published a letter from a certain geologist Gregor from Austria. According to Gregor in may 2011, he worked in a small cave on the Eastern shore of lake Halsatter and suddenly heard the dark voices. Gregor thought that he was hallucinating, but continued to work, involuntarily listening to the voices.

In the course of the research Gregor approached the strange cave wall, which was smooth and with a strange rotten and a very strong smell. The soil near the wall was red, and then he again heard the strange voice.

«At this point I was terrified and decided to get out of the cave. After running a few meters, I decided to see what was back there and looked around. I saw out of the darkness shines a bright yellow light, and then saw a few yellow lights. And then I saw the creature and froze in fear.

The creature was humanoid, but it was not human. There were a few different heights but of similar appearance, muscular lizard-like creatures. Like to pick up a normal term to describe these creatures. They were dressed in different colored clothes which covered their feet, so it’s hard to say what color and what shape they were bodies, but I got a good look at their faces and long tails that swayed back and forth.

Hands and feet have been very massive, it was noticeable even through clothing. They talked to each other, but I could not understand what they are saying and their language was completely unfamiliar to me. In total there were probably about 20 individuals and they walked through the passage into some other hole in the wall».

Gregor had managed to get out of the cave, but he has long been in a state of shock and only later was able to recall everything that happened in detail.

Another strange case occurred in the mountains of Washington state. This case was described in the book brad Steiger, «Real Monsters, Gruesome Critters, and Beasts from the Darkside» («Real monsters, gruesome creatures and monsters from the darkness»). In a place called Cascade Tunnel, which is an abandoned railway tunnel, for many years, there are legends about the monster with the yellow eyes.

Жуткие столкновения с монстрами из туннелей: От говорящих обезьян до рептилоидов

About the meeting with this being said once a Dave. Year meeting in the book is not specified. Dave was in the gloomy tunnel to make photos of them, but suddenly in front of him on a distance of about 40 feet (12 meters) saw yellow eyes. According to him, no known living creature has such bright eyes.

Жуткие столкновения с монстрами из туннелей: От говорящих обезьян до рептилоидов

In the shadows around the burning eyes could be considered a massive dark figure. It was huge and in height was 9 ft (2.7 m). Seeing the giant, Dave in a panic rushed out of the tunnel to his truck.

Some time later, after Dave has told people that he saw a monster in the tunnel, Dave decided to return to this place with a group of curious onlookers. He was wondering whether they will see this creature again.

However, according to brad Steiger «back none of them came back more and none of them saw.»

Not all the tunnel monsters represent humanoid creatures. There are meeting something, like a huge spider. It happened in Tokyo (Japan) in the 1970s.

A group of operators of underground utilities suddenly faced one day in a tunnel that looked like enormous cobwebs. The web is stretched to a considerable distance below the ceiling of the tunnel and cobwebs hanging skeletons and the corpses of rats and cockroaches.

Жуткие столкновения с монстрами из туннелей: От говорящих обезьян до рептилоидов

In one place in the web of gaping dark hole approximately 25 cm in diameter. The workers were not to wait for him someone will come out and leave that area. They felt that it was an ordinary spider, but based on the size of the web and Nora, we can safely say that spiders of such size do not exist or they are not yet known to scientists. What happened next with the web, is unknown.

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