«It was the spirit of the forest!»: Lost the Japanese brought from the forest mysteriously appeared cat

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Two Japanese went on the car and in search of the right road cut through the forest. But I got lost. It was night and it was dark, it seemed unlikely someone will be able to help them, as they broke the navigation system.

But suddenly out of the darkness popped a gray-white cat and began to motorists behind you.

The animal ran evenly and regularly turned around, as if looking behind a car.

"Это был дух леса!": Заблудившихся японцев из леса вывел таинственно появившийся кот

At some point the cat decided to roll in the bushes, probably deciding that his goal completed and so now these people go further on their own. But then the cat decided to come back again, and ran along the road, taking the Japanese for themselves.

"Это был дух леса!": Заблудившихся японцев из леса вывел таинственно появившийся кот

The cat brought the Japanese on the highway, and then somewhere again, gone.

A place where lost to the Japanese, was on the side of a mountain and there are all thickly overgrown with forest and a dirt road which they went to cut a path to the highway, likely have not been used. Surprisingly even as there have been able to drive their car. And next there was no sign of human habitation. Where, then, took the cat?

Many in the comments to the video posted on social networks, have asked the same question, except people are astounded by the incredibly reasonable behavior of a cat.

«This is none other than the spirit of the forest», — assured in comments to the roller.

Others decided that it was a former house cat, who once lived among the people, but then he settled in the woods (lost or he ran away) and came to the car the voice of a man, because I wanted to fed him.

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