In the United States published a video with ultra-fast UFO filmed by an American military pilot

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Us military pilot filmed flying over the Atlantic ocean an unidentified object. Video was made in 2015 on the U.S. East coast aboard the F/A-18 and UFOs was quite difficult to capture in sight, as the object moved with incredible speed.


This is the third video of a UFO captured by us forces and posted and shared. The first two were published in December 2017 in the New York Times. None of us experts there is no clear evidence that it was behind the objects, including UFOs in the fresh video. Only to be expected that it could be secret devices of Russia or China.

When the sensors of the fighter was recorded in front of an unidentified object flying at high speed, the pilot talked to the Manager, and then surprise cried out, «What’s that thing your mother?».

In this flight zone was not supposed to be any foreign flying objects.

Christopher Mellon, a former foreign intelligence officer, who worked in the office of the President bill Clinton and George Bush commented on this video: «This, apparently, shows that there are aircraft that far surpass the achievements of the US and its allies.»

В США опубликовали видео со сверхскоростным НЛО, снятым американским военным пилотом

The Mellon adds that the US government now ignores all three of these videos as serious incidents, which reminds him of the shortcomings of the CIA and FBI following the events of 11 September 2001.

Mellon also said that although these objects apparently do not pose a threat to national security, it is necessary to carefully check whether they are individual cases or something more sinister.

At the end of his statement Mellon asks the question «is it Possible that this technology of Russia or China and that the US is technologically behind them? Or is it proof of the existence of aliens?».

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