About a boy who mysteriously could make cardboard man

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This story was published in one of the books of the researcher of anomalous phenomena Alexei Prime and it deals with a teenager who had a very rare and unusual gift. The gift of this it was possible to train another person, the boy was taught everything his stepfather. Stories about such powers in the archives of anomalous phenomena is very small.

The story from the person telling the male from the leadership of the school building. His name is not mentioned, like the city, where was located the school.

«It happened in the walls of the 31st of the school building in a small town either in 1963 or in 1964 — I do not remember. The school was the type of private boarding school, «the boys» then called the young men from sixteen to twenty years. Were girls the same age. Here I am in close contact with young people and with some guys fast friends.

— One of the boys in my group shows some amazing focus. Those who have seen, say that he gives life to a cardboard cutout, said to me once, one of the teachers.

— Send him to me, ‘ I replied.

Cardboard dancers on a string were popular among children in the 19th century and early 20th century

О мальчике, который неведомым образом мог оживлять картонного человечка

— Did you call me?

Before me stood a sixteen year old boy, fair-haired, with bright cheerful eyes.

— Yes! We have the conversation will be. Sit down right here!

People see and hear a lot of amazing, unusual, but out of fear that their hubris will be ridiculed, called the superstitions, are silent. To break this silence, need a man to show that you yourself belong to the category of the fun of the «superstitious» that you know of amazing cases. I began with this.

Soon the boy was filled with confidence in me and admitted that he can make a cardboard action figure dance. He asked for a cardboard to make a new «dancer» — old toy has fallen into disrepair.

The next day in the evening in the room were me, the teacher, two or three girls and Gennady, my regular volunteer. Came our fascinator and brought made them figure, which now presented to us for consideration, so we can confirm that there are no ingenious devices that it is, in short, «without deceit»…

The figure was a man with a height of thirty centimeters. Rather, it was the «devil», as his head adorned with two horns. Hands and feet with elbows and legs were carved separately and then attached to the appropriate places. In General, the figure resembled those cardboard figures that, if you pull the thread, do repetitive motion, simultaneously lift hands and feet.

The only difference was that in the shape of our magician didn’t have the thread, for which you could pull. Hands and feet were bound with a thread that was immediately short-cut. No additional thread was not. The figure has been «no deception.»

Well, I’m a magician, ‘ cried our magician, — if not I have a magic wand! Give me something to stick.

Sticks were not. Was a thin plate. The wizard of longitudinal kick on the edge of the table broke off og her long sliver. Then, without any preparation, threw the figure on the floor. Sat on the floor and himself, greatly expanding the legs so that the figure fell between the legs below the knees. Then he began to draw the end pieces wide circles around the figures, blew on it, singing a song, «Oh, you, canopy, my porch» and shouting «get Up!»

And suddenly the figure reached up and then fell helplessly back on the floor. But after a few moments she sprang up and began to dance. No! It wasn’t the mechanism, performing the programmed moves! It was a living creature that creatively varied dance beat hands on the drumsticks, quickly spun — no mechanism could do this. Also, where is this hidden mechanism? On the bare cardboard?

Dance suddenly interrupted — dancer fell. We thought it was the end of the performance, but our artist this was not enough: he again began to hum, and the figure once again jumped, danced and fell.

— Well, everything! — said the wizard.

That’s how everything ended.

The next day the young magician told me that he hails from the vicinity of Alma-ATA, some forty kilometers from the city. Was raised by his stepfather, possess the nature of extraordinary abilities. To her stepfather came smokers and drinkers who wish to get rid of his bad habits. And if the stepfather had ordered them, they really have stopped drinking and Smoking.

The stepfather, according to the boy, a lot — it is the nature of this. Previously, he worked as an accountant, and now moved to guard in proctological the farm. And it is very profitable: the other guard take the night under the protection of three hectares, and the stepfather — the whole twelve, and nobody had Apple not stolen.

— Why not steal? — I asked.

— Yes, go on the precinct the thief can and apples, too may to pick, but leave him nothing is impossible.

— How so impossible?

Yes very simple. He sees everywhere in front of him pits and is afraid to step to step. And then my step-father comes to him and says, «Dump out of the bag nakradennogo!»

Then the young man said that the ability to make a figure dance taught by his stepfather. Three months the young man with his stepfather practiced in the basement before our wizard has learned to control the dancing action figure…».

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