19-year-old girl drowned after the rescue and told how she had been in the Kingdom of heaven

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In 1985, 19-year-old Lori went to serve as a system analyst in the naval establishment of the United States in Oregon. In addition to working at the new location, officials of organized leisure. Colleagues have recorded Lori rafting. The girl was afraid of the water, because not swim, but friends persuaded to join.

Lori floated down the river on an inflatable kayak. She successfully passed the rapids II and III difficulty. The most dangerous part of the journey was called «the Robber.» On the phase IV degree of difficulty were a lot of boulders and water vortices.

To avoid getting the kayak on the rocks the girl had to do a sharp turn. Due to the low speed of the kayak was upside down and Laurie fell into the icy water.

19-летняя девушка утонула и после спасения рассказала, как она побывала в Небесном Царстве

«I was in a life jacket, but the water dragged me into the raging hole of a vortex flow. The shock of the icy water, forced to inhale and swallow the water. I lost spatial orientation. Seen from above the sky but could not reach the surface. His lungs burned and began to panic.

I suddenly thought I would die. The last thing I remember said, «God, help me.»

Without oxygen, I began to weaken and eventually ceased to struggle. I cooled down in the cold dark water and suddenly ceased to feel the horror and pain in the lungs. The darkness around was completely white, and I realized that racing at light speed through the tunnel.

When the pain left me, it was warm. Unconditional pure love radiates around me. Love hit me like a warm blanket.

19-летняя девушка утонула и после спасения рассказала, как она побывала в Небесном Царстве

When I came out of the tunnel, then felt the hands, but feet at the bottom is not found. I saw a luminous silver cord that ran from my body. Looked around and saw the room seemed to be formed of pure clouds and unsteady.

In the room there were three beings of shimmering crystals. The light passed through them as through a glass prism and form a rainbow. One being was more than others, they all started talking to me. I was scared, and they seemed to get it. Instantly the creature turned into what I can call the angels…

When they spoke, the message was sent telepathically. The angels read my thoughts… In their eyes was so much love like I’m the most precious creature that God ever created. I felt like they knew me close…

Big angel said, «You’ve arrived too early, the time has not come yet. You have to go back and finish the job on Earth. But since you’re here, we’ll do something“.

The chief angel was holding a large book, but its pages instead of the words were images. I saw scenes of my life from the day of birth until the moment I fell off the kayak. Pages quickly turned over, and there was a feeling that watching a movie.

The angels recalled all what I did for others, or are unable to do for someone. They showed the man, whose face could not clearly see, and children that were not there.

One of the little angels said, «I Ahail. I was with you from the beginning and will be with you forever. You have to go back, you have to be there for them.“

19-летняя девушка утонула и после спасения рассказала, как она побывала в Небесном Царстве

Instantly Ahsay and I teleported into the middle of a huge Golden field. There I heard the most beautiful music and felt as it passes through me. The wind blew through the Golden stalks of wheat. Felt the spirit of all things living: animals, plants, elements, and were United with them.

When he lifted his eyes, saw a huge ball of light. He surrounded me with the most pure warm light, and I felt God touching my skin. He knew and loved me regardless of how imperfect I was in this world.

I was perfect, whole, and free from pain.

The angel lifted me higher. Felt that I was floating, and saw a huge waterfall without beginning or end. Here reigned love and peace. I felt the presence of loved ones, but did not see them.

We moved on across the Golden field, the end of which stood a fence, and behind it a huge tree with a canopy of gold leaves. When the breeze touched the leaves, they flew from the branches in the form of colorful birds of all kinds.

The lake next to the tree, washed both borders. The water in the lake glittered like liquid mercury. And when I looked in it, saw people living on earth.

19-летняя девушка утонула и после спасения рассказала, как она побывала в Небесном Царстве

Ahail said again: «I was with you with the time and be with you forever. You can’t cross the barrier. It is time to return to life on Earth. You have a task you want to perform.“

Words could not Express the sorrow she felt. I cried and begged to leave me. He said, «When the time comes, I will come for you. But now…“

All the water that is inhaled, spilled out of the lungs. I gasped and shuddered from the air. Immediately felt pain in the chest, and the hand of the rescuer grabbed me by the shoulder. I almost knocked him out of the kayak and then someone else picked me up in a big boat and back to reality.

It took me a long time to understand why it happened. Still wonder, why me?

When studied the rogue river, I learned that after my «Rogue» drowned 21 people. They died and I survived.

19-летняя девушка утонула и после спасения рассказала, как она побывала в Небесном Царстве

After a near-death experience I became closer to God. Now I understand that life is not a series of coincidences and the result of the elections and analogies. My choice directly affects others, and we are all interconnected.

It took me years to understand its purpose. I decided that I need to heal others.

My sensitive powers have grown stronger, and I began to anticipate events. I hear the voices of those who are behind the veil, but still have not learned to clearly see the spirits of the human eyes.

This case was the most profound experience of my life. I cried while writing my story, because the words pale in comparison with what you saw, felt and heard while traveling in the Kingdom of heaven.

I’m not religious, but after the incident, closer to the spiritual than ever. Know that besides our world there are other dimensions, and I am here not just. I have a goal, and while I don’t perform, I’ll be here.»

The lead researcher of the USA on near-death experiences, Dr. Jeffrey long published the story of Laurie on the website www.nderf.org. The scientist asked the woman to describe the attitude towards death experience, after which 30 years later.

«I remember it better than any event in life. The memory of it never disappeared and eventually became even clearer. I remember everything in great detail. These memories often bring me to tears. I want to go back.

During the experiment it is seen much clearer than before, the colors were much more vivid. White light was the most pure, than ever seen and did not cause a desire to close his eyes from the bright light.

The thought was incredibly fast. It seemed that time stopped or lost all meaning. A moment there felt like an eternity. The feelings were vivid. Absolutely nothing comparable with what was seen, heard and felt during the incident.

The images of men and children, who showed me the angels were future husband and our two children.

19-летняя девушка утонула и после спасения рассказала, как она побывала в Небесном Царстве

From experience I realized that you are worthy of love and I need to love myself to love others. After the incident I became more confident and strong, focused on increasing self-esteem.

Life after death definitely exists. I believe that he died and visited heaven.

During the incident, felt the most perfect level of love you can imagine, it was intense and it was given without conditions and expectations. Feel one with the world.

I shared this experience with other people. They were stunned. Some people thought that Heaven and God does not exist, but when they heard my story, have changed their opinion.»

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