Fresh footprints of «Bigfoot» found in Malaysia

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Fresh footprints of «Bigfoot» found in Malaysia. Johor Bahru — it was a strange sight — three sets of muddy footprints, one belonged to a tiger, another like an elephant’s and the last resembling that of a human, but typos were a lot larger.

Свежие следы «снежного человека» найдены в Малайзии


The trail of footprints ran at a distance up to 1 km near the reserve, Endau Rompin. It found two pensioner SIA wanted to play Khim , 64, and her husband lim Teong, Chen, 66. Finding them to be both puzzled and delighted.

They believe that the last set of tracks, probably belongs to the mythical «Bigfoot».

The couple and their daughter Joanna, 30 years old and a group of friends from Singapore decided to follow the path of over 1 km.

«It was just astounding — the creature or creatures went on the asphalt road, leaving the red clay foot prints. The tracks were very clear, and they could well be considered,» said SIA, adding that the group has made countless pictures and even measured the large footprints, which were about 48cm long and 11cm wide.

Свежие следы «снежного человека» найдены в Малайзии


«We tried to simulate actions, but I couldn’t so much stretch the legs to match the distance of a single step,» — said SIA.

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