In British gardens fell from the sky cat shark

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26-year-old James hill was in the kitchen and was making tea when his 59-year-old father Colin ran in the street and yelled that in the yard fell from the sky shark. The cat fish was a shark. These sharks can reach a length of 2 metres are common types of sharks that are found off the coast of the UK.

James Colin I live near the coast in Kent. Fortunately. fallen shark was not six-foot size, and much less, but still the mystery remains. Who let the shark from the sky and how it actually got there?

On reflection some time, James and Colin decided that the big fish caught a large sea bird, but did not calculate their forces, and dropped it halfway, right in the garden of the British. In the fall the fish had been dead for several days.

В британский сад с неба упала кошачья акула

«I think that some overly ambitious cormorant or Seagull picked it up, but in flight he had a neck cramp or something and he dropped the shark.», says James hill.

В британский сад с неба упала кошачья акула

However, it may not be in the cormorant or Seagull. In history quite mysterious drops fish from the sky, which are difficult to ascribe to the birds. A few years ago in an open field in England was discovered a huge dead whale ivasiv. The animal lay on the grass in 700 metres from the banks of the Humber river.

According to the specialist Yorkshire wildlife centre Andy Gibson, the whales of this breed — a rarity for the region. Specialists in the end and are unable to understand how a giant whale could be at such a far distance from water.

В британский сад с неба упала кошачья акула

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