In Myanmar, found the stone, melting metal

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В Мьянме нашли  камень, плавящий металл

On the famous video hosting YouTube there was a video shot a few days ago in Myanmar. The residents of the state in Southeast Asia have discovered a stone with very unusual properties. The author finds was a local soldier who put on a random cobble their weapons. The man was amazed when he noticed that the metal parts of his rifle melted to a liquid state, like a dark lump was red-hot to an incredible temperature .

Witnesses said that, contrary to expectations, mysterious stone has the usual outdoor temperature. With people who touched him, nothing happened. Mysterious cobblestone does not react to wood, glass, plastic, cloth or water. However, in contact with metal, it quickly melts him like a blast furnace. Include the following video, you will be able to see how the block interacts with the iron nail, turning it into a puddle of molten metal. The material quickly became interested journalists, experts and ordinary users of the world wide web, are susceptible to abnormal curiosities.

According to skeptics, this just trick for easy believers in any myth people. Perhaps the stone is heated, and the nail is made from a fusible metal such as gallium. However, there were many commentators who felt that we are talking about something beyond the usual, and the mysterious piece of rock has fantastic properties. Some people in the Internet even consider that this object could arrive to us from outer space, such as alien artifacts in the novel by the Strugatsky brothers «roadside picnic». What do you think, what is it?..

Video: In Myanmar, found the stone, melting metal

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