The mysterious building in the desert of China

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Put that in a desert of China suddenly found the whole complex of ultramodern buildings of unknown origin and purpose. And the mysterious buildings found virtual archaeologists using Google Maps, located in the most uninhabited region of China – Inner Mongolia.

Загадочные здания в пустыне Китая

By the way, a genuine interest in accidentally found the Chinese complex in the desert fueled and that this region of China is not just deserted, he had already covered unclear who created an atmosphere of mystery, that’s why the video about the mysterious buildings of China quickly acquired on the Internet viral popularity.

Started to build various versions from the very real, though difficult to explain (military installations) to the fantastic (alien structures, as thorn building and even «swam»).

And it was, in the end, a lot easier, although it is not devoid of romance. The fact that all these strange buildings with spikes are actually a hotel complex with an appropriate name (if located in the desert) – «Sandy the Lotus». By the way, some «buoyancy» of the buildings (some illusion) has created a unique roof construction.

But why someone needed a chic ultra-modern hotel in the desert? Don’t tell me, it turns out that lovers to relax among the endless Sands abound in the world, and it is among the most rich people. For this reason, «Sandy Lotus» is considered one of the expensive hotels in the world. Guests receive not only the tranquility from the vast sand dunes, entertained them in every way, and the most popular form of recreation here are camel racing and sand surfing.


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