When certain numbers haunt the person for life

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From time to time we witness a strange city for something Unknown like this is Unknown in his transcendent distance to live a little boring. Really interesting, exciting leisure time he has, say, no. And one such «entertainment» are moments when the fates of different people throughout their lives inexplicably over and over again leads to certain figures and numbers.

Kharatyan and the number 21

21 January 2000 in the newspaper «Moskovsky Komsomolets» published an interview taken from a popular movie actor Dmitry Haratyan. He played, in particular, one of the main roles in the TV series «midshipmen, forward!».

Когда определенные цифры и числа преследуют человека всю жизнь

A newspaper reporter asked, among others, and this question forty years at the time Horatiana: «Forty years for you special date?»

Dmitry answered: «Say: thirty-seventh birthday meant more to me. Then the whole year was very eventful, and I was in some border States. Remembering those who in thirty-seven years passed away. Even figures played a role: three seven equals one and zero, and this is something unusual.

And the number twenty one for me and is akin to magic. I was born the twenty-first, twenty-first, he was drafted into the army, my military ID, my passport, my daughter’s birthday. And so you can transfer indefinitely! Climbing all the time in my life on her front number twenty-one.»

All the adversity February 21

The same number 21 is constantly «interfere» in the life of one man — an engineer V. Marcinkova from the city of Azov, Rostov region. In his life it is tied to a very specific calendar date — February 21 — and is, unfortunately, a pronounced sinister character.

Here is what about this V. Manchenko:

— It is said that misfortunes happen most often at the thirteenth number. But for me this sign is somehow not covered. The saddest day for me in year twenty — first of February. This day is not without troubles, not small that you can spit and forget about them, and big. Judge for yourself on the latest developments.

Twenty-first February the year before. I went to work, and I fell off the edge of the roof a giant icicle, broke my collarbone.

Twenty-first of February last year. Unknown stole from the house my car. Later it was discovered shattered.

Twenty-first of February this year. Over lunch at the piece of bread I found a nut that I broke my two front teeth.

We could start the list and with the earlier years. Believe me, it’s the same thing — a disaster in these day. With horror, waiting for the upcoming Feb. What’s in store for me this time?

On that ends the story of V. Maiquinique.

Six Of Kutuzov

The famous Russian Marshal Mikhail Kutuzov liked to repeat: «the Sixth number we have in hand!» It’s the sixth number, in July, August, September, October, November and December of 1812 took place a variety of significant events in the Russian land during the war with Napoleon’s army who tried to occupy it.

Когда определенные цифры и числа преследуют человека всю жизнь

For example, July 6, Tsar Alexander I signed a Manifest, which ended with these words: «Hitherto not put my arms till you erase from the face of the Russian land of the enemy, dared to enter her limits. Yes he will meet in every nobleman Pozharsky, and each citizen Minin».

6 August 1812 during the retreat of our troops from Smolensk were taken outside the city icon of the Smolensk mother of God. The priest, the takeaway an icon of the Cathedral, loudly declared: «Prebisch Mary three months and then returned to his own house!»

Surprisingly, but the icon was brought back to the Cathedral exactly three months to 6 November.

Kutuzov moved their troops from the Ryazan road to Kaluga 6 Sep. Thus, he closed the enemy from the fertile southern provinces. In the near future, it condemned the French army at a total loss.

On 6 October, Russian troops attacked the body Murana in Packaging-blue and broke it. On the same day was defeated by the Russian army and the corps of St. Cyr at Polotsk.

6 November was won by Russian troops is very important for them a complete victory in a long and severe battle with the French at the village of Red.

6 Dec 1812 scattered remnants of the former Grand army of Napoleon was completely expelled from the Russian Empire…

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