Visit of a student who committed suicide

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This story happened with one student, it is hard experiencing the death of his girlfriend, who studied with him. The girl suicide, the young man considered himself in some degree guilty of what happened.

The young man, let’s call it N. N., later recalled that after the death of a classmate it was terribly remorseful, at times he came to despair and into unconsciousness.

Time, as we know, heals all wounds. Soon these seizures the student has stopped, but the effects the experience had made itself known. So, at the slightest excitement.. N., in his own words, stood on end head of hair. With increased nervousness and insomnia, he could not cope even with the help of special medications.

Визит студентки, покончившей с собой

Three weeks after the death of a student with a young man started to happen strange things. He writes: «One day I woke up and felt the presence of this girl. I thought it was nothing more than a dream, but on the second night woke up again with the same thought of her closeness.»

In the same room with N. N. he lived his companion, but it is in those nights was calmly sleeping. Our student, not being able to sink into a peaceful sleep, thinking about my feelings and came to the conclusion that he had heard sounds in the hallway, and it was a rustling of dresses, and the steps of the dead.

The next day, tired of night terrors N. N. lay down on the bed and dozed off. He woke up from the familiar rustle. Instead of having to get up and see what was happening, he decided to stay put.

About what happened next, N. N. said the following:

«Gritting his teeth, tightly clutching the nails of the right hand to the left and wide open eyes I stared at the door. Opened or not, I do not remember, did not notice, but saw clearly the figure of a girl. She was in a white dress with blue flowers and slowly walked me to the door. Ghost face was pale and very sad. Approaching the bed, the Ghost held out his hand to put it on the forehead.

Distinctly remember that I flashed a nasty idea of a dead, cold hand; but when she touched and are quite hard to lay on my forehead, I felt alive, warm, slightly damp hand. The messenger from the other world in a quiet voice said a few words with a particularly convincing tone. Then I imagined that she was still alive, screamed, jumped up, tried to grab her, but shadow was gone.»

The cry of the student ran to his friend N. N. and he admitted to having seen the dead. He just laughed, but then looked carefully round the room and then noticed that it is very strong smell of ozone and something else. However, as friends tried to detect this faint smell and they are unable…

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