An invisible wall appeared in front of the bridge

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Candidate of technical Sciences George I. from Kharkov once decided to spend your next summer holidays in the Carpathians. Settled there in the tiny Hutsul house, made Hiking on mountain trails and at the same time he wrote a thesis on the management of modern communication systems.

«And there happened this strange thing. There was a thunderstorm. Thunderstorms in these areas happen quite often and are short of enchanting character. In a few moments the blue sky is tightened by clouds, dramatically darkens, thunder rumbles so he could cover his ears with his hands in the sky begins the dance of blazing lightning.

I often fell in a storm. The fear of it never before experienced.

This time the storm caught me on the way home. Had to go two hundred meters and an improvised hanging bridge to cross a narrow but deep gorge, and there to the house hand. When I approached the bridge, something happened to my feet. Like on the soles that stuck the heavy clods of earth.

Невидимая стена возникла перед мостом

I was having to go. The weight began to rise to her knees, then embraced the hip. At the bridge I stopped. Didn’t want to step on a shaky swinging bridge legs refusing to obey. But I made the effort before to take a step forward, held out his hand to grasp stretched along the bridge at shoulder level rope handrail.

The movement was sharp, so I hit my fingers, quite painful. Water filled my eyes, and I decided that I got the arm exactly in the railing.

A second attempt to grab a rope handrail I did gently, tracing the movement of the hand. Fingers again to hit something. The rope was still a few centimeters.

I was taken aback! Began to feel the space in front of him outstretched hand. It was a barrier, invisible but palpable.

I held out my other hand — she also ran into something smooth and transparent as if between me and the bridge was a wall of invisible glass. Its transparency was absolute. There was no even a minimal optical distortion.

In complete confusion I stupidly looked at the slightly swaying bridge when it was struck by lightning. If «the wall» didn’t stop me, I would be there, on the bridge…

So close I had never seen lightning. I don’t even have time to see anything but a very bright flash. I felt no heat, no push, nothing like «the wall» shielded me from all that was to protect.

Smoldering remains of the bridge hanging down into the gorge, transparent barrier disappeared, heaviness of the feet is gone. To reach the house, I had to make a detour three kilometers, but I walked as a somnambulist — thoughts about what happened is maddening…

I wrote my dissertation. Protection. However, something in me changed. I began to look at the world through different eyes and often ask myself the question: «what are you wasting energy? This is all a decay and vanity».

A story with a transparent «wall» that saved me from certain death, made to believe in the existence of some higher powers…»

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