«Never kill people!»: The message

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Two cases told by the people of Russia about how they received the message with different instructions.

A message from Zek

Says one N. Mishin, serving a term of imprisonment in the camp.

«The other day appeared to me the Ghost of my PAL Sergey. We are with him for a couple robbed an apartment. Sergei killed her mistress. I merely present at the same time. And then together with it has collected and carried out of the apartment that everything valuable was in it…

"Никогда не убивай людей!": Послания с того света

Soon we were arrested. We got different length of time, but found myself in the same camp. Sergei got sick with tuberculosis and died. It was about a year ago.

I’m so scared when I saw the evening a semi-transparent Ghost of Sergei, who stood in the cavern next to the toilet. He beckoned me to his hand. With great caution I approached him, shaking with fear. The Ghost spoke.

«Listen, and remember, — he said. — I was allowed to meet with you so I gave you an important message. You talk about what you are going to hear, all in a row. You can’t kill people! A murder is an intervention in God’s plan. The worst punishment is waiting at the light killers! As well as suicide. You remembered everything I said?»

In response, I silently nodded, and the Ghost of Sergei disappeared.»

«Love is the most important thing in the world»

Older tells rostovchanka N. I. Yevtushenko:

— When I was in hospital surgery under General anesthesia, I went heart. Doctors were immediately taken the necessary measures, and the heart soon beat again. Talk about what happened with me when my heart stopped. I suddenly woke up and saw themselves flying in a wide black pipe.

The flight was silent. The wind whistled in my ears, not blowing on my body. Ahead, a glimmer of light. I flew out of the pipe into a vast space and saw a huge glowing ball.

His color was like the Sun. Most importantly, he was a reasonable being. Before my eyes flashed surround images, scenes from my life. When there was a picture of the situation in which I, a woman with a difficult character, did something bad to other people, the globe asked a question. I took the question mentally.

Ball asked: «are not You ashamed?» In this moment I saw myself committing the picture wrong, like completely someone else’s eyes. Evaluated their actions by the opinion of a stranger. And then just the same wild shame come over me. I was horrified — why did I made this?

The ball was also very ashamed of me. In some strange way I perceived his emotions. We were both very ashamed. Especially me!

Finally Shar said: «Go back and do only good to people. Love people. Remember, love is the most important thing in the world.»

In the next instant, I flew feet first into the black pipe. And what happened next, I do not remember. I woke up in a bed in a hospital room…

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