Awakens the culprit of the destruction of Atlantis

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Пробуждается виновник гибели АтлантидыSecrets of the past: evoking the culprit of the destruction of Atlantis. The Greek island of Santorini is considered one of the best places to stay: cozy and beautiful beaches, friendly locals, beautiful volcano…

By the way, last time, he reminded the people about his power quite recently – in July 1956. Then its eruption led to a strong earthquake and tidal wave on 17 meters. 48 people died, many panicked and left the island. But the volcano has calmed down and life went on.

At the beginning of the Second world war the Italian division started to land on Greek Islands. From the water they were supported by the German submarines. Legend has it that when Nazi submarine approached the island, the volcano suddenly woke up and fired on the invaders, and so successfully that damaged several submarines. The Germans, in turn, attributed it to Soviet secret «wonder weapons», although it is clear that while the Russian in Greece could not be, especially with an unknown weapon.

Although since the end of the world was not so much time, it is difficult now to find out if this legend was any truth to it. But local residents claim that all this is true, the volcano had indeed saved them from the enemy assault.

Its truly harsh nature of Santorin showed people around 3600 years ago, destroying the Minoan civilization, which for millennia was successfully developed on Crete. The earthquake occurred tsunami, which in a few minutes passed 110 kilometers separating Crete from Santorini, and washed away all who remained on the island.

Recently historians have traced the connection between this eruption and one of the Egyptian plagues described in the Bible: «Moses stretched forth his hand toward heaven; and there was a thick darkness in all the land of Egypt three days: they saw not one another, neither rose any from his place for three days…».

The researchers believe that Santorini 12 thousand years ago and destroyed Atlantis. Of course, if you believe the hypothesis that the legendary state was in the Mediterranean sea.

Some time ago surveillance devices, installed directly to Santorini, showed that in recent years significantly increased its activity. According to scientists, under it has accumulated about 14 million cubic metres of magma. Santorini wakes up. The volcano that in a few moments destroyed, at least two civilizations, again wants to assert itself. According to the Geophysics from Georgia Institute of Technology Andrew Newman, it is impossible to determine exactly when it happens. But precedents have already occurred, so it is likely that the peace of the Mediterranean coast could share the fate of Atlantis, on the materials .

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