Where in the Crimea to look for the UFOs

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Crimean ufologists claim that over the Peninsula regularly crash UFO, talk about alien base in the depths of the Crimean mountain ranges. You smile indulgently to their fervor — but what of the hundreds of eyewitnesses?

The inhabitants of the Crimea have long since ceased to be surprised and frightened, he saw in the sky an unusual luminous objects, weird move for a long time and hanging out in one place. Since then, these phenomena have become interested not only unrecognized ufologists, but serious scientists and more. After a series of observations had no choice but to agree: Yes, apparently in Crimea were active in the activities of extraterrestrial aliens. There was even identified by their supposed «base,» that is, places where UFOs were seen the most often: is the mountain AI-Petri, Ayu-Dag, Chatyr-Dag, a mountain range Boiko and Cape Meganom.

Ayu-Dag (Bear mountain)

I cannot count the number of witnesses talk about the aliens landing in close proximity to the famous Crimean mountain Ayu-Dag. Looks like this place is especially fond of aliens.

Где в Крыму искать базы НЛО

In the fall of 1976’s ship sent in search of the missing military aircraft, passing by the mountains, saw on the screens of the devices strange object moving towards you. He went on the bridge and gave the command: «reverse!», for fear of collision. In a haze, hanging over the sea, he saw a disc-shaped flying object about 30 meters in diameter. At the height of 50 meters the object is literally «flew» in the mountain Ayu-Dag, what’s made the appropriate entry in the logbook.

In August 1991, in «Artek» located at the foot of Ayu-Dag, prepared the campfire area for a concert. Suddenly a cry was heard: «UFO! Save yourselves!» General panic caused by the unknown glowing ball hovering over the rocks Adalary. Golden ball disappeared, then reappeared, and then next to him came the second. Of a single ball suddenly fell, bright stars, and then gathered into a ball. Air «show» was watched enchanted children and adults.

These and other high-profile cases has forced the ufologists to be interested in Bear mountain. Numerous expeditions have tried to find on the surface of the mountain entrance leading to the bases of the aliens, but to no avail. Had to limit the assumption of either the aliens carefully cloaked from humans their base or the entrance to them is in deep water and inaccessible.

Local residents say that inside the mountain at night, often low-frequency rumble is heard, resembling the sound operation of any industrial facility with a variety of mechanisms. However, there are no factories and mills in the area no. Meanwhile, Ayu-Dag have already acquired a bad fame: rumor has it that the mountain is dangerous at night. There have been cases: a brave tourists who went there for an overnight stay, suddenly jumped up in inexplicable terror and rushed straight to the cliffs, the other was injured after falling from a height, and then they couldn’t really explain what drove them out of the warm sleeping bag on a dangerous path.

Mountain Boyka

Mysterious rumors and surrounded by a mountain range Boiko, part of the Main ridge of Crimean mountains. Here I often see hovering UFO, which seems to be not very hidden. It is known that in these places, the NKVD tried to find the treasures of «the Golden cradle» is a famous treasure hunted for many decades, including agents of the occult Nazi organization «Ahnenerbe».

Где в Крыму искать базы НЛО

The firing pin is called Crimean Shambhala — here often see various abnormal phenomena. This mountain refers to a little-studied, it as one of the most energetically powerful place in Crimea.

At 1,100 meters, you can admire the remains of the Temple of Christ the Savior (VII century ad), the ruins of which, according to travellers, sometimes see the Ghost of the White Monk. Abnormal area also show highly twisted trunks growing here trees and shrubs. Ufologists are convinced: within the mountain Boyka — empty, there is a large base of aliens.

One of the witnesses in the summer of 2009 told me that he saw approaching the mountain, the object of cylindrical shape, cast metal Shine. Approaching the mountain, the object hovered, the surface of the mountain was covered with ripples and dispersed in the formed hole, the second cylinder, and the mountain closed up, leaving no trace of what happened.

Cape Meganom

Say here is the entrance to the underground Kingdom of Hades — that is, in the world of the dead. This was written by the ancient Greeks, pointing it at Megan. During Soviet times, the locals saw firsthand how over Meganoma hung a huge flying saucer, which soon hit a powerful volley of anti-air missiles. Of these local immediately took the security services and never seen.

Где в Крыму искать базы НЛО

Some managed to escape this fate, and they still say that had contact with aliens, the victims of the attack by Soviet air defense services. Such contactees subsequently manifested, say some supernatural abilities, they learned to treat people with simple touches.

Sometimes near Cape Meganom appear light yellow annular band width of about two feet, which after some time become lighter and disappear. If these bands get people they feel unwell, weak. According to scientists, it’s all about the magnetic anomalies.

All of these stories yet there are only rumors, not backed by anything serious, except for questionable photos. However, enthusiastic people do not leave their attempts to reach the mysterious UFO bases located in Crimea. In fact, according to the beliefs of ufologists, there are a lot: the aliens are supplied with energy in «places of power», which is rich in the Peninsula.


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