Queen of vases still amazes scientists

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The Hermitage, located in St. Petersburg, is the amazing beauty of Big Kolyvan vase, which people often called the Queen of vases. The reason is very simple: before you a true masterpiece of stone carving art of the first half of the nineteenth century, as a vase made from huge slabs of beautiful stone of Jasper with a very interesting greenish wavy patterns-streaks.

Царица ваз до сих пор поражает ученых

Striking in this masterpiece not only beauty, but also its size. Queen of vases has an outer diameter of over 5 meters and its height is 2.5 meters, and weighs this unique exhibit in the Hermitage – 19 tons. No wonder that every visitor to St. Petersburg Museum, who sees that miracle of miracles, surprises not only the beauty of the huge vases of gorgeous Jasper, but its some unreal sizes, why do people even burst into exclamations like: wow what was formerly the master of stone!

Indeed, Most of the Kolyvan vase, according to the written records made in the period from 1829 to 1849. What a master in the cutting of stone was in that time that has managed to create such a unique and at the same time is an amazing masterpiece? It has long been of interest not only to ordinary people or art-lovers but also scientists.

Царица ваз до сих пор поражает ученых

Interested because to create such a vase will require something much more than just talent. They say modern masters, to carry such a product from a single piece of Jasper (serpentine) is simply unrealistic – it is too fragile for this. Moreover, the beautiful stone on your pattern – even more fragile than. And a piece of Jasper, which made the Queen of vases, is striking for its heterogeneity (embroidered work). Even in the manufacture of small articles of such a coil, 70 percent would have gone to waste, and when processing a lump of Jasper (one can only imagine her), she would split, especially during the application of the elliptical faces that adorned Most of the Kolyvan vase.

The researchers went further: they decided to create the reduced copy of Tsarina of vases, using all the modern technology and the possibility of kamaroski. For this purpose, a special sketch in detail and exactly copying a unique Museum piece, which it was suggested that the most authoritative masters of Russia to make from a single piece of Jasper vase only one meter tall and two feet in diameter.

Царица ваз до сих пор поражает ученых

And none of the masters undertook this work because, in their opinion, to carry out such an order is simply impossible: billet coil will be damaged at the stage of rough treatment. This is even with modern technology and unique machines for cutting stone.

The question is: how the masters of the first half of the nineteenth century was able to produce a Big Kolyvan vase with the most «simple» tools? There is only one rational explanation: the stonemasons of the time had some secret technology that was lost. And we still don’t know how to make these are unique masterpieces, but because thinking anything, building the most fantastic assumptions, wondering and perplexed. What to do when this Queen of vases no one made a detailed description of how it was made?..

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