On the coast of Argentina suddenly threw out thousands of fish

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Residents of the Argentine coastal town of Santa Rosa in the province of La Pampa in the morning of 19 February was awakened by a strong fishy smell that was coming from the coast. When people reached the shore of the Laguna don Tomas, they saw that everything is covered with thousands of dead fish.

In the hot sun, the fish already beginning to decompose and the air was filled with a disgusting stench. About the event according to the newspaper LA NACION.

На берег Аргентины внезапно выбросило тысячи рыб

According to representatives of the local municipality the death of fish occurred due to high temperatures, lowering the water level and reducing the level of oxygen in the water. However, the death of the fish looked so odd that some instances it was decided to send for examination to the Management of water resources in La Pampa.

На берег Аргентины внезапно выбросило тысячи рыб

Interestingly, almost all of the lost fish belonged to only one species, the Peruvian Pechera (Odontesthes regia) from the family Ateriniformes. This is a fish prevalent off the coast of Peru and Chile.

When the second half of the day the Bank issued for the cleaning of the representatives of the local commune, they noted that dead fish is a coastal strip of a length of hundreds of meters and several meters wide.

На берег Аргентины внезапно выбросило тысячи рыб

На берег Аргентины внезапно выбросило тысячи рыб

Similar mysterious mass fish discards in these areas was also noted as recently as January. Then on the shore of the lagoon don Thomas threw for at least 5 thousand fish.

In comments to the news people blame the toxic chemicals used in agriculture and falling into the water, excessive reproduction of plankton, which destroys oxygen in water, and global warming.

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