Lost in time the plane

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Probably one of the most famous cases, when a plane arrives from the past, is a Venezuelan incident in 1992. Then in the airport of Caracas landed a chartered aircraft Douglas DC-4, missing in 1955 (read more about this in the article «One day in Venezuela, the plane landed past»). But it turns out that this is not an isolated case of such a plan.

Затерявшийся во времени самолет

Today it was made public another such flight from the past, however, even more strange and one might even say, mystical.

As reported by many journalists from foreign tabloids, the 12 of October 1989 in the Brazilian airport Salgado Filho Porto Alegre landed the aircraft flight Santiago 513, missing 4 Sep 1954. It was a commercial airliner Germany, who was heading to Brazil, to the capital of her state of Rio Grande do Sul, however, has only reached the Atlantic ocean, somewhere in the region of the mysterious Bermuda triangle just disappeared. The search for the missing aircraft at that time yielded no results.

And here it lands in the destination, using… 35 years. But this is not even the most surprising. When the managers of the airport had established a connection with obsolete aircraft such as the Super Constellation, appeared in the sky in the Salgado Filho district, and were preparing the runway, they are all the time talking to the pilot. But when the airport officials and security services have penetrated finally aboard the mysterious aircraft, for no one, he never got off and the doors are not opened, they found that the salon and the cockpit full of skeletons – 88 passengers and 4 crew members.

Finding that kind of aircraft, Brazilian authorities began investigating the incident, scramble the information, although a few notes about it at the time, still leaked.

Lost in time the aircraft is not needed by anyone

Today, after almost 30 years after this strange event, no one really never knows what managed to get special services of two countries (Brazil and Germany) that extract useful and why it is still for the General public, this information remains classified.

Затерявшийся во времени самолет

We must assume that everything in it, as with the case of the American aircraft Douglas DC-4, foggy, fantastic and, importantly, does not fit into the framework of our rational thinking. To recognize this officially means we assume that our world is not as he represents us official science. Not to recognize – it means you need to find reasoned arguments to explain such incidents, but they are not. As stated by Dr. Also, Otello, specializing in paranormal phenomena, you can almost with absolute certainty say that the flight 513 airlines Santiago fell into the «hole of time» that’s just how he was able to land with skeletons is still a big mystery, a reasonable explanation which it is difficult even to come up with…

But because scholars Orthodox intelligence agencies and the authorities acted as always – pretended that nothing happened, as if to say more precisely – just silent. By the way, this would be simply impossible, if 90 percent of the people of Earth could not imagine, also narrowly rational, because each of them had been instilled with a false truth – about almost everything: about the origin of man, about the structure of our world, the history of civilization, of morality and spirituality, and so on…

Laments a man – a rationalist-skeptic this information, laugh a little, for example, what skeletons are talking to the dispatchers Salgado Filho airport, and then safely landed the plane, even if we assume that he came from the past, and that will calm down. And put on this story fat point. It was in fact true, and hoped the security services, when simply classify this information – what people laugh and excite. In this respect there is an excellent Russian proverb: the less you know – sleep tight…

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