A strange object separated from the foot after a police pursuit of a criminal

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A mysterious video riveted the attention of users of the world wide web.

Frames presented below were obtained some years ago from a police helicopter in Los Angeles, but interested in them researchers of anomalous phenomena just now.

Странный объект отделился от ноги полицейского после погони за преступником

Then in «city of angels» has been a major pursuit of law enforcement for a criminal. The lawbreaker in the white van «Chevrolet» I rammed several gates, trying to break away from police cars. He left on a busy road where they scored a decent speed, but soon just stopped. It is reported that the offender just shot himself, not wanting to fall into the hands of the police.

When later came to an end and the cops surrounded the car with a body inside, something very strange happened which did not escape the camera operator, are at this moment in the helicopter. At around 10:14 sensational video shows clearly how from the foot of one of the officers suddenly separated by a strange dark object the size of a tennis ball. He crawls down the road or floats through the air to the side, disappearing a few seconds out of sight of the police camera.

The mysterious «black thing» as it was called commentators on YouTube, behaves like a living being, want to quickly escape from the scene. Regulars Network build different theories on what it could be, and some of the hypotheses put forward is fantastic.

For example, some users suggest that COP is disguised as human alien, rejecting the alien cocoon or capsule. For others, it is about a supernatural entity, who left here in such a strange way the body of the suicide. Still others believe that the video shows a bunch of energy, the origin of which we just can’t understand.

Skeptics, of course, also find the «witty» explanation of what happened. If you believe the materialists, it was just some leaf flying in the wind. Other doubters claim that the unknown object was larger and flew at the top and the road seemed only the shadow of it.

Video: Strange object separated from the foot after a police pursuit of a criminal


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