A small Russian chapel is just fabulous beauty

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Небольшая русская церквушка просто сказочной красоты

This little Church stands on the same small island of the river Vuoksi, Leningrad region, not far from the Finnish border near the village of Vasil’yevo, priozerskiy district. Although such island temples in the world a lot, this is a unique Church of its kind because it is in the middle of water on a solid rock that helped to make this Church of St. Andrew in the Guinness Book of records .

And for everyone who has ever been in these parts and saw this lovely Church, surrounded by the stunning beauty of Northern nature of Russia, this temple is unique not because he stands on a rock in the water. It seems that he is out of a kind of Russian fairy tales – that what is striking in the first place!

Небольшая русская церквушка просто сказочной красоты

This amazing Church was built as recently as 2000, making unremarkable the area suddenly became a place of pilgrimage for tourists, and the temple is a great local landmark. Come here, of course, and the believers as in the Church on the Vuoksi you can get married, baptized, and just to take part in the regular services that take place in the temple. Although the Church is still not for tourist entertainment, but for the soul, desirous of solitude in peace and unity with Nature. And maybe with the entire Universe…

More recently, access to the Church was only possible by boat, but today the island is already laid bridge, so to go to the temple at present is not a difficulty, unless of course you know the schedule when you take the believers and all who want to touch this little secret of Life.

Небольшая русская церквушка просто сказочной красоты

The idea of creating this unique Russian Church was born in the head Professor of the University named after Herzen, architect was a talented artist Andrey Rotinov (now deceased), and sponsored local summer resident Andrey Lyamkin. Probably because the Church has established two Andrew, the Church was named in honor of the Apostle Andrew. The Church was built by the ancient canons of Russian wooden architecture in the form of the original eight — following the example of the Church of the ascension, which stands in the village of Kolomenskoye.

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