Caught a shark older than Ivan the terrible

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Поймана акула старше Ивана Грозного

Danish zoologists have made the unexpected and surprising discovery on the Northern coast of Greenland. Scientists caught a 3-foot Atlantic polar shark, which was truly a unique specimen of its kind. Fortunately, the fish didn’t die, and experts from the University of Copenhagen have identified how rare got a copy to hand, examining it alive. Then a huge sea creatures were released back into the water .

It turned out that the age of a shark is about 512 years, that is more than politicalese! Imagine that this fish, more like a monster from the book of HP Lovecraft lived when Russia was ruled by Ivan the terrible, and in England have earned the fame of national poet William Shakespeare. According to impressed with his discovery by Danish researchers, they sincerely hope that this creature will live as much again, and ever more surprised their colleagues from the future.

Поймана акула старше Ивана Грозного

Amazingly, many shark species hypothetically able to live forever. If the fish gets sick with illnesses caused by external factors, and does not get critical wounds, not dying from other, more terrible monsters of the ocean depths (it may happen, for example, in 2009, Australian fishermen near the island of Stradbroke pulled by the network
part of the shark that was longer than 8 meters, and it was bitten through by some sea monster – the monster must be at least 15 meters in length: look the video below), it can continue to exist indefinitely. Science calls this phenomenon «negligible aging».

Negligible senescence among some living organisms of our planet is one of the most important arguments in favor of the theory that people in principle can live forever, you only need to run this mechanism in his body, which employs hundreds of the greatest minds of the planet…

Video: shark Caught over Ivan the terrible

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