The divers were surprised to meet a submarine strange design

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Дайверы удивились, встретив подводную лодку странной конструкции

I wonder how would you behave under water in the most favourable diving location, if I suddenly see you passing under the submarine, and a very strange design, almost silently moving like a Ghost?

That is the picture captured the divers in waters near the Hawaiian Islands. Approximately 30-meter submarine-the Ghost appeared under the divers slowly swam under them and mysteriously disappeared into the depths of the sea. Strange, this design still made sounds, but they were really fantastic, some unearthly, why the divers got scared even more .

The witnesses of this miracle was never able to figure out what the submarine proceeded under them. Military submarine it does not look like (watch the video, the benefit of the divers managed to shoot it on camera). Some Internet users, after watching the video, suggested that it is a tourist submarine, but few other users have even heard that these submarines are. Perhaps private apparatus to scuba dive?..

Whatever it was, and the sea is constantly surprising us with its mysteries, of which the ocean depths are not considered. But it turns out they can be found even in the most unlikely place for miracles — almost on the beach…

Video: Divers were surprised to meet a submarine strange design

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