In Antarctica thawed strange staircase leading to the top of the mountain

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В Антарктиде оттаяла странная лестница, ведущая на вершину горы

Thanks to photographs, which provide satellites, independent researchers today can make startling discoveries. And as it turned out, on our planet you can find a lot of interest even from the height of the orbital observations. For example, virtual archaeologists have discovered in Antarctica a giant staircase, as reported, for example, publishing TopBuzz (UK) .

A mysterious structure, which is actually very similar to the staircase leading to the top of the mountain really stands out among the ordinary landscape of this icy continent – it simply should not be (Coordinates: -68.919172, 88.035386). That’s why scientists are at a loss – what it is, where it came from?

But the opinion of users of the world wide web is very interesting, because they are more daring and diverse. For example, many agreed that in recent years in Antarctica witawat traces of the former civilization, most likely the legendary Atlantis. Others have suggested that this is not a ladder, and vents in a huge underground base of the aliens. If even so, these holes should be closed and open, so not a bad thing to see that place after some time, isn’t it?

Antarctica has always been one of the most mysterious and unexplored places on our planet, But recently interest in it has increased enormously, and it is connected primarily with the fact that this unattainable the mainland now can be observed using different satellite programs and applications. Note that the staircase is not the first amazing discovery I made in virtual researchers of the ice continent. Very recently, for example, there has been found a real asphalt road with a bridge. At least wydawca structure very like the familiar to us highway. That’s just how it is in Antarctica?..

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