«Creeping Ghost» scares tambucan, but it helps motorists

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«Ползучее привидение» пугает тамбовчан, но помогает автомобилистам

In one of the districts of Tambov appeared «Ghost», the first serious scare of the townspeople. On the bumpy road near the quarry. it is unknown where did the legless human figure labeled «the pit» on his chest. White mannequin, melancholy spreading of the hand guards now local garage cooperative. Astonished passers-by photographed the doll, and laid them in the online photos quickly made the rounds on Russian sites .

«Ползучее привидение» пугает тамбовчан, но помогает автомобилистам

Tambovchanka called such an unusual installation «creeping Ghost». What made the dummy and who is its author, not yet known. Local residents, however, looking at this innovation quite positively and say that sinister «comes from the world» helps them to navigate at night on the road. Near the doll really is a large hole, hit the wheel which can lead to very disastrous consequences for the machine.

Many domestic users of social networks has praised the creators of the installation for a creative approach to solving the problem of holes on the roads, but noted that to address this issue still owe the city workers, specifically workers, not ordinary citizens. Some regulars Runet write that «creeping Ghost» appeared in the Tambov itself and can at any moment come to life. Like in our country mystique. Or, on the contrary, dislike, and fear because of her…

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