The monster came to live in Paraguay

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Чудовище попало на видео в Парагвае

The following video was received a few days ago in the South American Republic of Paraguay. Many regulars of the world wide web has recognized these frames are mysterious and frightening. The movie depicts a boy who sits at the table in a forest and talks with his mother. Seemingly unremarkable scene, but observant netizens immediately noticed something suspicious .

At some point the dog belonging to the family, suddenly starts to bark at the trees located near the house. And for the big tree, located strictly behind the child suddenly begins a movement. First, because the barrel appears something like the long claw or tentacle. Some commentators say that this thing looks like an elephant’s trunk, but it is clear that no Elefant nearby. What is it then?

Then there is something even more amazing. From behind a tree for a couple of seconds protrude large head and torso by unknown creatures! Discarding the theory with the elephant, we can assume that we are talking about the big monkey like a orangutan. However, it is also unlikely, because in the wild, orangutans are endangered, and absolutely do not occur near human dwellings. The locals have another version of the events.

Чудовище попало на видео в Парагвае

Among the many peoples of South America, the widely known legend about a weird creature called pombero. Pombero describe as a high anthropomorphic creature with thick, dark hair. It is now something of a mischievous and lustful Troll kidnapping a beautiful women. A couple of years ago, the Internet had spread the news about the inhabitant of the Argentine city of Santa Clara, which claimed that supposedly was raped pombero, and that some time later, this woman even gave birth to his child. However, beyond the rumors, all this does not matter, there is a mysterious history and did not continue. And now a new sensation – pombero returns.

Maybe behind a tree hiding just some prankster? The most interesting that such a realistic version of suits far not all, even the skeptics pecking at it as-that reluctantly…

Video: Monster caught on video in Paraguay

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