Science can not decide: there is a UFO or not

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Наука не может определиться: есть НЛО или нет

There are several areas in modern science attempting to determine the true nature of phenomena associated with the appearance of UFOs in different parts of the world. The increased interest in the nature of the unidentified objects are primarily military structures. There is even a specialized service for rapid response in the General staff of Russia, which from all districts of our vast country taken valuable information online.

To track an unrecognized suspicious aircraft over the territory of the Far East in the airspace of the state since 1993, the commander of far East military district, General Viktor Chechevatov ordered the formation of a new classified service to collect Supervisory information across the region. Often with unidentified objects in the sky meet and now there is military pilots. The study of the structure of the military found that the UFO phenomenon is the place to be, but real systemic harm equipment and people not harmful, so, theoretically, aliens have set up to earthlings friendly.

In the Soviet Union, a great expert on UFOs believed the former test pilot of the first class Marina Popovich. All the contacts with extraterrestrial Intelligence pilots and astronauts certainly talked only to her, because in Soviet times, for such stories people often excluded from work and got into a psychiatric hospital. A real meeting of people with unidentified alien objects, a huge number.

For example, in 1975, the American military pilot, Eric Dower, performing in Africa, the next scheduled flight, I noticed on the horizon strange flying in the air apparatus, similar to the shape of a huge cigar. UFO suddenly changed trajectory and headed off the plane. Seeking to avoid an imminent collision, the pilot decided to change the flying height, and to his amazement saw a strange object repeats its maneuver. The pilot increased the speed to escape from persecution. However, the UFO increased its speed, continued to move near the plane. Feeling that starts to lose consciousness, Dower, sent to the base of SOS. Woke up the pilot already on the ground unharmed, but the plane is completely destroyed, burned in the offing. On this incident extra was organized by a special Commission. However, to find out all circumstances of incident with the plane and the miraculous rescue of the pilot and experts are unable.

In Tehran in September, 1976 there was a mysterious glowing object that detected the radar of the international airport «Mehrabad». Have flown interceptors Iranian air force, when approaching an unidentified flying object at a distance of 40 kilometers suddenly refused all on-Board equipment, and lost contact with the dispatcher on the ground. One of the pilots decided to attack, but was unable to field a ballistic missile. The planes were forced urgently to turn around and return to the military base. This UFO instantly disappeared into nowhere, like it came out of nowhere.

The incident in Chelyabinsk in February 2013, it became known around the world due to the enormous size flying on a giant speed ball of fire and a powerful explosion when colliding it with the ground. Witnesses said that a strange shining sphere had inside round the solid core, which spun around like a top. A detailed study, scientists came to the conclusion about the natural origin of the meteorite that broke from the depths of space in earth’s atmosphere of the Earth.

The last case of UFO sightings occurred just before the 20 March 2018, when a passenger plane flying flight from China, was shot on a mobile phone strange object travelling through airspace in parallel with an airliner. All passengers of the aircraft have become unwitting witnesses to move in the sky at great speed near the plane of an unidentified flying object, similar to the airship in its shape and size. Very strange was the fact that on-Board equipment and in-built radar ship absolutely did not react to a foreign object nearby in the sky. At the same time and members of the crew were seen no activity and did not find anything unusual. After a safe landing, the man was immediately published the received video on the Internet.

Fifteen years ago in Chile, in the territory of the Atacama desert found the remains of an unknown humanoid species with a size of only twenty centimeters. Ufologists happily caught in an unusual discovery, which for many years was put forward as irrefutable evidence of the existence of aliens from other space worlds. However, with the development of the science of genetics has the opportunity to conduct a more in-depth detailed genetic analysis DNA was found mummified calf. American geneticists were able to decipher the code of the Chilean foundling from the desert. Recognized the alien was just a young man, though having a very serious deviations and anomalies in their development, obviously because of that, and quickly died immediately after his birth. Thus, the scientists were able to break the dust and to completely refute the version of ufologists about the alien origin of the findings and to hunters for the alleged victim of the wreck of the fictional flying saucer.

People are not yet able to withstand the higher alien technology, and not be able to resist the alien invasion, if it suddenly will be. Recently deceased the largest theoretical physicist and science popularizer Stephen Hawking has stated to the world about the reality of the existence of extremely varied forms of alien life in our galaxy, the milky way and in the simplest organisms, and in advanced civilizations. However, scientists-astrophysicists still have not been able to confirm or fully refute the real existence of flying machines created by an alien Intelligence.

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