Humanity has found evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial organisms?

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Человечество нашло подтверждение существования внеземных организмов?

Classic academic science generates a clear, solid understanding of various historical processes of development of our planet, the origin of man and further development of our civilization. However, from time to time emerge unusual artifacts that do not fit into the proposed research concept. In the best case, such an artifact becomes a subject of lively debate, and at worst it is simply carried in the vaults of museums. Increasingly, researchers meet things that are impossible to ignore. Extraordinary find in Peru can change all the usual scientific paradigm, forcing a new look at the history of our planet.

The time has come: a new theory of evolution

It all started with the fact that the shepherds from a poor village, which is located near the mysterious Nazca desert, explored the area for the presence of the Spanish graves, with a very prosaic purpose. In the process of searching they stumbled upon an ancient burial ground, which by happy coincidence was not yet looted. Once inside the grotto, grave robbers, made a discovery that can dramatically turn the idea of scientists about the origin of life on Earth.

In the process of looting the burial of the shepherds, investigated the burial chamber burial, suddenly ran into a door a strange trapezoidal shape. They had to spend a few hours trying to open it. After they managed to break ancient castles, behind the door was a staircase that went even lower into the ground. Down there, the diggers came in a huge funerary hall. In the center were two mummies of the Incas before them in accordance with the ancient funerary tradition were placed various items that could be needed by the deceased in the other world. Next was is a huge sarcophagus. Despite all the desire of thieves to raise the ancient plate and look inside the sarcophagus and attempts to do so seemed futile. The gravestone was too heavy.

However, this did not stop the looting, which turned out to be surprisingly persistent people. The very next day they came back with the winch and raised the gravestone. The tomb was discovered thousands of small objects made of metal, copper and gold. In addition to the sarcophagus there were hundreds of dried hearts of the people, but the most interesting was at the very bottom of the tomb. After the sarcophagus was empty, one of the team members noticed that the bottom of the coffin was made of wood. Breaking through rotten boards, the marauders opened a narrow passage going further underground. In the burial room, which led a narrow passage, were found the remains of really unique creatures.

Who are they?

One day the office door of the famous archaeologist Thierry Jamin knocked. Opening the door, he saw two men who stood, throwing his backpack behind. After receiving permission to enter the office, strangers pulled from backpacks strange objects that looked like a little baby doll. Actually it turned out to be the real mummy of the dead creatures. The remains were no more than 25 inches in height and had three elongated fingers on the hands and feet. Strangers wished to remain anonymous, and once gave mummy scientist, told where they were found.

In the laboratory of Professor Jamin work started, the researchers wanted to understand the strange artifacts. It really remains of living beings or a great fake?

Tests are continuously alternated, the team used all available ways of learning in order to learn more about the strange and mysterious creatures. In the end, the team of researchers came to this conclusion:
• creatures have never had the teeth (most likely when they ate only liquid);
• approximate age of the finds more than 1500 years;
• tests confirmed the validity of the findings, the researchers are sure is not counterfeit;
• creatures multiply quite a strange way – laid eggs.

At the moment everything is still under research remains, but it is possible to reliably assert that it is time to change the classic scientific paradigm of human development.

Echoes of antiquity

Meanwhile, the indigenous inhabitants of South America reptiloids dwarfs were very well known. For centuries in their national costumes by the Indians of Peru embroidered natural landscapes, paintings of hunting animals, silhouettes of animals, different patterns, and shapes of human beings. It may seem that here surprising? Looking at the images on the clothes you can discern that creature has three fingers on legs, instead of five. The most ancient similar picture, archeologists found in the tomb on the clothing of an important official of the Incas.
Academic science do not know anything about dwarfs, which could reside on the territory of South America, but the Inca Indians it seems quite often met with these intelligent creatures.

Moreover, in the legends of the peoples of South America are constantly featured some creatures that have a small stature, physically very weak, but can do miracles like to stay in small boats across the sky, to heal various illnesses, bring rain during a drought. In the ancient myths speak about the fact that these creatures need to be friends and often to protect from various troubles.

Is it possible that ancient peoples had contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations?

Stunning results

All research team of Professor Thierry Jamin was looking forward to the results of the DNA examination. However, the experts conducting the tests, why delayed to conclusions. The results were really stunning, because according to examination scientists are faced with a creatures DNA code, which differs significantly from the human genome. Science has never been faced with something like that. On our planet there are living organisms that have similar genetic code.

Of course, it is not necessary to do hasty conclusions but, rather, humanity has found evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial organisms.

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