In Peru found an ancient tomb of people with extra legs and arms

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Scientists are scratching their heads trying to understand why found at the scene of a fishing village in Peru, the remains of human bodies there are extra arms and legs, reports local media.

В Перу нашли древние захоронения людей с дополнительными ногами и руками

The strange find was discovered during the work on water supply in Huanchaco on the Northern coast of the country. In the graves, which found the builders were human skeletons, near some there were «extra» arms and legs.

Scientists have determined the approximate age of the remains — of the order of 1900, and they belong to the culture of the Viru. We found only about 50 graves. Many of the graves were valuable items of metal and ceramic ware.

It is noted that many of the bones found traces of injuries, some limbs chopped off. Scientists note that the extra limbs were found where the principal was injured. Possibly with the burial of the dead from injuries people were committed to some ancient rite, experts suggest.

В Перу нашли древние захоронения людей с дополнительными ногами и руками

Previously such disposal of the Viru culture was discovered by archaeologists during excavations in 2000 years.

The Viru culture existed in Peru in the pre-Inca era, and was named in honor of the river valley in which they built their homes of then inhabitants. The Central feature was the «fortress of Tomball». Local residents were engaged in agricultural activities and trade with neighboring peoples.

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