«I participated in a seance and summoned his double»

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A resident of St. Petersburg in the days of his youth managed to cause during a seance… her own DoppelgangeR!

Here’s what she says about this is indeed a rare phenomenon:

«It all started with a comic seance. I myself in anything supernatural then not believed, and my friends too. But the demon pulled us Saturday night to try the «spin the platter». Painted on Whatman paper circle, drew an alphabet, lit a candle.

Although none of us before, never tried to summon spirits, all at once began to turn. Called singer and poet Vladimir Vysotsky. Saucer and ran across the table from letter to letter, but it was a solid Mat and offensive.

It bothered me, and I as a joke said:

What if to summon the spirit of myself?

"Я участвовала в спиритическом сеансе и вызвала своего двойника"

Girlfriend agreed. And, strange to say, we barely uttered the formula of the call, I felt a wild pain in the solar plexus. But have endured, and then the pain was gone, and immediately moved the saucer…

My «spirit» was quite a lengthy answer our questions, avoiding «sharp corners». We demanded specifics, and the platter was off with platitudes. Then we ended the session, and friend went home… I Stayed in his apartment alone. Then it all started!

I was washing the dishes when I heard behind easy steps. Turned and in the dark corridor, which is viewed from the kitchen, flashed a human silhouette. Then itself suddenly the lights went on in the bathroom and he heard the sound of running water. I yanked open the bathroom door. Empty. The valve is closed, but on the walls of the shell are seen splashes of water. Looked in the mirror, straightened his hair.

And I was horrified! Then it dawned on me that my reflection in the mirror in a Bathrobe, and I haven’t changed clothes after the departure of my friends. As he was in blouse with short sleeves, and so it remained.

«Or am I crazy, or is there, in the mirror, my spirit, which we called», — flashed a crazy idea.

Became terribly…

Suddenly I see a Ghost in the mirror pull me your hands. And immediately flew at me from the shelf in front of the mirror, bottles of perfume, a glass with a toothbrush.

I rushed to the kitchen and, closing the door behind her, leaning against her back. Feel, the handle slowly turns. I have a death grip clung cranking handle trying to hold her. The pressure eased. Hear in the hallway splashed steps.

Remembering that the evil spirit had fought with silver and cross, I raked out the kitchen cabinets silver forks and put two of them criss-cross elastic band from hair curlers. Holding that the cross-arms before him, came into the room. There was no one there, but the air felt some movement.

Then I started waving a cross around. And at some point it — it is awful! — got caught on something. But there was a void. There was a crack of tearing fabric, and fell on the floor a few drops of blood, which, however, immediately melted, leaving no trace.

At this point I had obviously lost consciousness. And when five minutes later woke up lying on the floor, I wildly whole body hurt and my head was spinning… in my house never had anything like that happen.»

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