Invisible roommate

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Muscovite Nina Aleksandrovna, teacher of English at a time when there was this story, lived in an ordinary two-room «hruschoby» with an adult son. One day she began to feel the presence of invisible beings. The invisible man treated her well and at first communicated with her only on those days when she was alone. (The son of a teacher was often away on business trips.)

Sometimes an invisible friend giving helpful advice or doing a serious warning. Once again, putting the kettle on the stove, the woman forgot about him and fell asleep. Suddenly she was awakened by a male voice, demanding that she went to the kitchen and turned off the kettle, which has almost no water left. This message, as seen Nina, completely untrue.

Невидимый сосед по квартире

Another warning was much more serious. It happened on the eve of oktyabrskogo the «coup» of 1993. Son of Nina Alexandrovna at that time, he served in the army, the Moscow garrison. Three days before the start of the event woman, as usual, spent the evening alone.

Suddenly in the hallway, someone coughed, and then a familiar voice said, «Listen to me carefully: if you want your son alive, then go immediately to him and convince him to go to the infirmary».

As before, the voice was never wrong, that alarmed the teacher did as he advised her invisible. She managed to convince a son, and when we had the October events, he was in a hospital bed.

Since the advent of the invisible lodger about two years. All this time the hostess and her uninvited guest, lived peacefully, but gradually, the invisible began to behave more uninhibited. He began to appear before her, walk with her to visit and entertain, poking fun at Nina.

At first it was quite innocent jokes. His owner is very neat and the mandatory woman: going to work, she always checks whether the light is off and closed Windows in her office. But lately her were repeatedly woken at night by the watchman, asking him to return to school and turn off the lights in its class, as the key was only her.

Complaining about their distraction, the teacher raced to school in the night, but the light in the room Gus a minute before its occurrence, what is the watchman, an elderly serious man, not prone to silly jokes, swore with tears in his eyes.

But gradually the jokes the invisible man was getting angrier, and the number of witnesses to his mystification increased. Once at 10 PM Nina Alexandrovna called the principal and said she was locked in the Cabinet person.

Confused, the teacher quickly got ready and went to school, where he found this picture: under the Windows of her class, a crowd of people — the head teacher, caretaker, colleague-teacher and passers-by who tried to summon locked in the class person. The office window was brightly lit.

Completely bewildered Nina, accompanied by the head teacher and caretaker quickly climbed to the third floor, opened the door, and they entered the dark and completely empty room. Accompanying her people were shocked.

The outcome of this story is unknown.

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