Conversation with aliens under the Apple tree

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This story was told a certain Alexander Ivanovich, Moscow oblast.

This occurred on 16 October 1998, as I remember, on Friday. My path ran along a rarely used path along an old abandoned garden, but I was comfortable — cut angle, and I just got to the garage.

Разговор с инопланетянами под яблоней

Approximately in the middle of the path I suddenly heard a voice: «Stop!» I stood rooted to the spot. Looked around — no one. Well, I think «pinned» me. Took advantage of the fact that I was dreaming, and quietly overtaking me, I decided to make a joke, and now hiding from the other shoulder.

Sharply turn in the other direction — no one. Where can you hide? The edge of the garden. In the trees there is no leaf. I can see how far along the asphalt path are people, but they are too far away to say so loud and clear, right above the ear. On the other hand is a wasteland. No Bush or tussock. The path is empty. In General, the cat is nowhere to hide, and even man…

Again, he heard, «Come to the Apple tree!». The same voice, pleasant and even almost familiar. Approaching the nearest tree, looking around — nobody. «Come closer to the trunk!». Freely marching under the crown of the tree. No fear (because there’s no one around!) — one big surprise. The barrel on the removal of the arm.

Again, look around — the next people at a distance of 30-40 meters, and the voice from behind… «Take a step to the right!». Make a step, not thinking: what, why, why? Right in front of the face is not thick branch. Branch as a branch: the thickness of two inches with a tiny young sprouts.

The voice came again: «We came from another planet. Do not fear us. We have nothing bad you do». Yes I am not afraid. A pile of thoughts ran through my head. «Where are you? — I don’t have time to ask the question, but only thought. — Show yourselves!» «We can’t seem… Now I realized that the voice sounds right in my head. But we can prove to you that we are. Look at the branch».

Look at the thread. Branch as a branch, and better seen. Suddenly, a young twig, like a telescopic antenna on the radio, was nominated for twenty centimeters, and then he was like was. «Believe?» — asked the voice. I am silent. Spawn had ever seen.

«What do you want?» — mentally asked. «We wanted to ask permission to explore your body, says the voice. Is not dangerous, not painful, without consequences. It will take about one hour of your time.» My thoughts barely move. Well, I think let them investigate. «I agree,» say, and he forgot that back home in a hurry.

Branch was nominated three little twigs. But this time they not only were nominated, but and twisted like wire. One branch touched my head, and the other two temples.

I felt nothing, just stood there like half asleep, motionless, and watched people walk around. They didn’t pay attention to me, although from the outside it has to look strange around the tree, like a pillar, stands a man.

How much real time has passed — I don’t know, just feel all my limbs stiff from the long standing still, I’ll probably fall. «I’m tired,» I said. «Wait — answer — we are about».

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And really, after a while the branches are disconnected from my head and «hid» in the Apple tree. «Thank you,’ says the voice, you helped us a lot. You can go». Well, I think, «here’s to you, grandma, and St. George’s day», but was only able to ask: «are You still there?» «Yeah, sure,» replied the voice.

I stirred, stretched his legs, arms, neck. I never thought that it is necessary to move to avoid stiff muscles. It took a little more time. I became a little bit to figure out. «Answer me, — say, — is another question.»

But all contact was no more. No matter how much I asked — no I did not answer. I touched the branch of a tree, shook the branches, which are «stretched,» a normal Apple, normal branch. Why stop here? I went home and about the garage forgot.

Then, restoring the memory of this meeting, I calculated that I spent at Apple for more than two hours. Most interesting is that none of your friends didn’t see me, though everyone just went to work, and the village is small. Now every year I October 16, come to this place, but repetition is not.

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