Two cases of strange visions of «Paradise»

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The first case occurred with Raisa Remizova from the city of Serpukhov, Moscow region, middle-aged women, higher education.

In one of autumn days Remizov suddenly realized himself outside his own body. She saw a wide river, or… Well, she could not formulate more precisely. In her mind seen the barrier associated with the river surface. On the opposite Bank of the river moving back and forth a mysterious figure in white.

Два случая странных видений из "Рая"

Remizov says:

— Puzzled at their strange smooth, but chaotic movements, I flew to them. Interestingly, I did not feel the slightest surprise what is happening. Went and flew.

The first approached me figure I learned my cousin — aunt Shura. In terror she looked at me sharply and asked, «why are You here? You still early. Now fly away from here and, after a pause, he added: — We check every minute».

Legs aunt Shura, which was protruding from under the white robes, was clearly visible some bruising, large, obletevshie feet like mud.

— What’s with the bruises? — said Remizov.

Aunt Shura, scrutinises, said:

My daughter-in-law, this evil creature, beat me.

And in this moment, Remizov says further, «there was a terrible low roar, which is rapidly approaching».

Is he checking! cried, his face, aunt Shura and a voice that brooked no objection, ordered: — get out of here now.

Remizov concludes the first part of the story in these words:

— So I failed to see the reviewer, because in the next second I realised myself in own body.

Assuming that you are only dreaming it. However, here’s the second part of her amazing story. An hour later, after a strange «dream» Raisa Remizov received an urgent telegram about the death of aunt Shura. And immediately went to her funeral.

When she briefly left the room where the body lay, alone with the deceased, it reminded me of some of the details of his strange «dream» and, after a moment, curiously lifted the blanket covering the corpse. Legs aunt Shura, she saw the same bruises are seen on her legs in that «dream»!

From conversations with relatives of the deceased soon became clear that before the death of aunt Shura was wild ugly scandal in the house. Daughter-in-law, physically much stronger, brutally beat aunt Shura. Her death was a result of the beatings.

The vision of the dissident

An intriguing description of the other strange «vision» can be found in one of the books of dissident Vladimir Bukovsky.

At the time of Brezhnev, as now speak, of stagnation Bukovsky fiercely hated the Communist political regime. Dissident Bukovsky, later to be world famous (him, if you remember, was exchanged for Chilean Communist leader Luis Corvalan), treated from the hatred in the prisons and concentration camps.

Now, once Vladimir Bukovsky, sitting once again in the prison cell, we experienced an incredible experience. According to him, he suddenly was in some strange mysterious space, where, in a great number of figures, conventionally called pure people.

Bukovsky writes:

«They were all connected a very complex psychological relationship. From your every word or the slightest movement depends on what they make, and this, in turn, affects you, one and all. So every one present must constantly produce in the mind are incredibly complex calculations, considering all possible solutions to others.

And these calculations no end, as there is no end to the number of possible combinations… All focused and tense… thousands of tightly coupled relationships. Thus everyone tries to look carefree.»

Два случая странных видений из "Рая"

What was it?

If you believe in the validity of supernatural experiences Raisa Remizova and Vladimir Bukovsky, that comes to mind that Remizov has been in something of a receiving chambers of heaven, where the selection and certification of new arrivals. First, aunt Shura died just on the eve of «vision», visited Remizova. And secondly, that her «vision» is a kind of river. Or some barrier, like a river.

In the ancient Greek texts mention the river by name Styx is «river of the dead.» According to the beliefs of the Greeks, on the opposite Bank of the river and begins the other world. In order to get there, the souls of the dead have to pass the Styx.

Два случая странных видений из "Рая"

Not the same if the barrier saw Raisa Remizova and even briefly crossed her? About such barriers variously called the barrier, the fiery river, the gorge, etc., mentions, incidentally, the American psychiatrist R. Moody, author of the worldwide known research on the phenomenon of «life after life», in his wording.

Remizov apparently fell short in a kind of «waiting room» of the afterlife. But Vladimir Bukovsky was lucky enough to see… What? «Paradise» in the flesh?

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