Canadians have seen UFOs in the past year 1180 times

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The Canadians last year watched 1180 times unidentified flying objects /UFOs/ over the territory of the country.

Канадцы наблюдали НЛО в прошлом году 1180 разThis was announced on Tuesday, the compiler information database «, the Canadian review of UFO» astronomer from Winnipeg /Manitoba/ Chris Rutkowski.

According to him, the record of the meeting with the «flying saucers» was last year almost 2 thousand registered cases. Rutkowski explains this keen interest of the public to the ancient Mayan calendar supposedly predicted the «end of the world» in 2012.

Last year, every day received an average of 3 reports appeared in the canadian sky is a UFO. In 40% of cases from Ontario.

As noted by Rutkowski, usually the object was allowed to take approximately 13 minutes, then disappeared.

Often more than 50% of people reported «strange lights» in the sky, colorful balloons, glowing triangles, boomerangs.

14 percent of the cases were classified by experts as inexplicable.

The rapid growth in the number of UFO sightings began in 1989, when in the database ufologists there were only 141 witnesses. As suggested by Rutkowski, due to the fact that it is easier to record observations on special websites on the Internet. There he and several other hypotheses: «More UFO actually began to visit our planet, more conducted secret tests of new aircraft, more people watching what is happening around, and more people trying to find answers to their questions and solutions to their problems in heaven, waiting for signs».

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