The abnormal weather. Who controls the weather?

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ANP: this new report from the Omaha World-Herald, they report that, despite the fact that on the calendar in mid-April, and spring should be in full swing, the region, which is considered the “bread bowl” of America, is subjected to regular blizzards, which are replaced by snow Blizzard that attacked much of the region.

Аномальная погода. Кто управляет погодой?

This is confirmed by a new report in the Daily Mail, which reported that the winter blasts from the Gulf coast to the Great lakes, has left catastrophic consequences in most parts of America, especially hard-hitting our «granary bread», a region that annually grows more and more of the corn and many other crops, but this year the situation is becoming catastrophic because of snow cover and ongoing disasters, as seen in the two charts below.

As ANP has recently been informed that many areas in the Midwest have not had a single day of spring, in accordance with a very interesting note which we have received, and in which it was said: «We can’t plant crops» and «I’ve never seen anything like it in my entire life.»

To the question: «Who are these manipulators of the weather? They have no children? They do not want for them a better future?», Steve Quayle replies: «My answer is simple: Yes, they know what they want and want you and your children were dead.» Steve goes even further with what is happening now and makes his sentence: «Prepare or perish».

As we will see in more detail below, those who «owns the weather», causing the more unpleasant attacks on America since then, as President trump took office, with artificially induced storms leave deadly marks on its way through most of the US in 2017 and the seemingly never-ending winter. This has led some to ask, America is under full-scale attack in the weather wars?

With the recent snowstorm that hit Iowa, South Dakota, and Minnesota, along with the snow came record cold temperatures in the history of the temperature in Omaha on Sunday was the coldest for this date since records began in 1871.

While Evan Duffy AccuWeather says the World-Herald that «there are many strange events in nature», in the first video below we hear that because of winter storms in both hemispheres, the economic data for Q1 confirm that the prices of food are rising all over the planet.

Can we witness the starvation caused by the weather, in America, which became a victim of the attacks of the globalists? Before you give an answer about «weather» and «weather modification», read the following information, and then try to say that this is just «conspiracy theory».

As we can see, in the symbolism of the title page of the document, the U.S. air force «Weather as a force multiplier: owning the weather in 2025», which we put into the basis of this story, 2025 stands out as one of many different «projects» of the globalists to complete this decade, by 2025. Remember that this year is found in the figure of depopulation for America and much of the Western world, Deagelо, we reported on April 16 at ANP.
Why the US air force wants to “own the weather” by 2025?

As we can see directly in the title of their paper, the weather can be used as a «force multiplier», and although the media will undoubtedly call it «fake news» but as we will see in detail and proved below, «weather» was used as a weapon of war during the Vietnam war.

Since we have absolute proof that the weather used as weapons in the 1960-ies, what they are capable of then now? As we can see in the second video below from MrMBB333, other strange changes of the Earth seem to come together with this artificial weather. This earthquake, hail, and rain, who recently obruchevrise to the Bay area of San Francisco, while two feet of rain fall in Hawaii , in just 24 hours, triggering landslides and floods.

Because Steve Quayle warned us many years ago in his book «Weather Wars & Un-Natural Disasters», «the Technology will provide the major leaders of the techniques of secret war, of which only the minimum level of force possible to estimate … Methods modification of weather can be used to produce prolonged periods of drought or hurricanes».

At that time, as the mainstream media in General will continue to call it «weather modification» «conspiracy theory,» even former CIA Director, John Brennan, in a speech to the Council on foreign relations in 2016 speaking about «strategies for aerosol injection, changing the weather», said: «with regard to geopolitical factors, the potential of technology for changing weather conditions and rewards for individual regions at the expense of others, could provoke sharp opposition from some countries.»

While the mainstream media will tell you, what would you put on a tinfoil hat, if you talk about modifying the weather, unable to go back to our message to ANP 26 June 2017 or to find this entry on Wikipedia: «Operation Popeye» – operation on the use of climatic weapons by the U.S. army during the Vietnam war (1965-1973).
Commenced on 20 March 1967, was completed on 5 July 1972. Was conducted during the rainy season from March to November. The essence of the operation was that aircraft (transport aircraft C-130 and F-4C) in rain clouds scatter silver iodide, leading to the abundant precipitation. As a result, the amount of precipitation has increased three times above normal. This led to the flooding of the fields with rice and other crops of cultivated plants, and was washed out the Ho Chi Minh Trail, which the South Vietnamese guerrillas were supplied with weapons and equipment.

Former U.S. Secretary of defense Robert S. McNamara knew there could be objections from the international scientific community, but in his Memorandum to the President, he said that such objections in the past were not grounds to prevent reporting of military activities and it is in the national security interests of the United States.

The program of chemical modification of the weather was conducted from Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam and allegedly sponsored by the us Secretary of state Henry Kissinger and CIA without the permission of the then Minister of defense Melvin Laird, which categorically forbade the Congress even to think about a program for modifying the weather to use as tactical weapons.

In fact, they even told us how they did it, and if the us military had all these opportunities to the 1960-ies, as Wikipedia says , the new technology and the tremendous possibilities they have today, you can’t even imagine what they can do.

For those who still believe the tale the media that «there is no such thing as a modification of the weather,» this is a message from the Bismark Tribune describing the program modification of the weather, which continued for several decades in North Dakota. We discussed this in ANP 31 July 2017. And after all this information, there are still those who believe that modification of the weather – it’s just «conspiracy theory»?

With absolute proof that the modification and weather wars, it is the reality, as we described above, we must again ask whether we are now witnessing a hidden, full-scale attack on the weather in America, helping to cause the great famine? As we also reported on ANP, food has long been used as a weapon of war against the people.

We also remind you about 1816, which was known as the «year without summer» after the 1815 eruption of Tambora volcano in Indonesia eruption, which ultimately led to the death of crops in America and Europe, and has led to the fact that the Americans fought with the Americans in the streets for food. Maybe cruel winter of 2018 will lead to the same. The farmers who are unable to plant a crop, and the winter does not end, at a time when we are coming already to the month of may?

Looking at what is happening now, is to repeat the powerful words of Steve Quayle, words of warning to us all: «Prepare or perish». We hope that you are all done first to prevent the second.


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