Ancient artifacts «the trumpet of Tutankhamun» that causes war and turns off the light

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Древние артефакты «Трубы Тутанхамона», вызывающие войны и отключающие свет

The so-called «trumpet of Tutankhamun» is a unique musical instruments found in 1922 by the team of Howard Carter .

British archaeologist and his colleagues found in the tomb of the famous Pharaoh Tutankhamen two straight and long tubes, one of which was made of wood and silver, the other copper and bronze. The length of one of them is 57 inches, the length of the other slightly less. It is believed that this is the most ancient instruments of this type, preserved to our days.

Древние артефакты «Трубы Тутанхамона», вызывающие войны и отключающие свет

Bronze pipe found in the room before the room with the sarcophagus, an artifact was hidden in the casket along with a cane and various weapons. Silver the jewellery was lying in the burial chamber itself, together with the mummy of the legendary Egyptian ruler. On one pipe engraved images of the gods RA, Amun and Ptah, the other decorated with drawings of flowers and Lotus leaf.

Silence «of the trumpets of Tutankhamun» was broken

These musical instruments were silent for more than 3 millennia, but in April 1939 in the Cairo Museum and passed a lush event where the trumpet sounded for the first time after so many years, and live. However, just a few minutes before the broadcast throughout the building lost electricity, and to play the «trumpets of Tutankhamun» had by candlelight. Many thought such a coincidence is very suspicious and sinister.

Древние артефакты «Трубы Тутанхамона», вызывающие войны и отключающие свет

5 months passed and the Second world war. Soon after erupted the largest in the modern history of armed conflict, the eminent Egyptian scientists Zahi Hawass and Hala Hassan said that all the fault of «the trumpet of Tutankhamun», which entered the dark mystical forces. Risking his career, each of them swore that these artifacts magically led to the beginning of the war. In addition, experts have claimed that the pipe is able to turn off the light, and what happened in the Cairo Museum was only a modest «presentation» of their power.

Древние артефакты «Трубы Тутанхамона», вызывающие войны и отключающие свет

Amazing «coincidences» continue. «The trumpets of Tutankhamun» was played in 1967 before the 6-day Arab-Israeli war and before the beginning of the «Gulf War» 1990-1991. In 2011, the sound of one of the pipes demonstrated by the Japanese delegation in Cairo, and a week later, broke out a fierce Egyptian revolution, which killed more than 1,100 people and more than 6,400 were injured. In addition, several unsuccessful attempts to play on these musical instruments, and every once in Cairo was visegradska a power outage.

Древние артефакты «Трубы Тутанхамона», вызывающие войны и отключающие свет

When 2011 began, the Egyptian revolution, trumpets played in the last (at the time of this writing) times. In the city riots broke out, and in the Cairo Museum has been infiltrated by marauders who steal valuable historical artifacts. Surprisingly, after a few weeks, «the trumpet of Tutankhamun» was unexpectedly returned to the cultural institution, and nobody knows how it happened. Whether criminals secretly returned the money stolen, faced with inexplicable properties of artifacts, or tools themselves returned to the Museum.

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