German scientists have determined the exact age of the Shigir idol

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Немецкие ученые определили точный возраст Шигирского идола

Shigir idol, found in almost 130 years ago in the peat bogs of the Urals (near the modern city of Kirovohrad, the Sverdlovsk region), from the beginning has raised many questions (especially about his age) archaeologists, historians and other scientists who initially believed that he was not more than 2-3 years and sometimes less .

However, a mysterious figure carved by the ancient inhabitants of Eurasia from whole logs of larch (fully reconstructed from fragments in 1914), the first radiocarbon analysis, scientists literally shocked, because it turned out that the idol was made by our forefathers some 10 thousand years ago. How is that possible, no one could not understand. After all, according to the prevalent views of some historians and anthropologists, the ancient people of that era were not able to create anything like as amazing statue showed high culture and spirituality of its creators.

Немецкие ученые определили точный возраст Шигирского идола

It turned out that the Shigir idol, at least two times older than the Egyptian pyramids, however, he proves that on the territory of the modern Ural mountains there was a very advanced civilization. But, all the same an error has occurred in determining the age of this artifact?..

Немецкие ученые определили точный возраст Шигирского идола

That is why the study of the idol joined the German scientists with the most modern equipment and huge experience in this business. Recently they published in the archaeological journal Antiquity, the results they have accomplished a great and very important work. It turned out that wooden sculpture Shigir idol is even older than previously thought, he is 11.5 thousand years. That said this Professor of the Goettingen University Thomas Terberger:

We came to the conclusion that in the distant period hunter-gatherers of the modern Urals have had a high culture, there already flourished an ancient civilization, possessing a certain level of art and religious representation of the device of this world. However, to determine exactly what was intended, this wooden idol, is simply impossible, because we have no written sources about the life of that ancient era. Most likely, this statue embodies the representation of the people of that era about forest spirits, it could be a sign-a warning to go with something like that. Perhaps other Ural findings will help scientists understand what the meaning invested in this wooden sculpture of ancient carvers.

Independent researchers, which are also closely watching the Shigir idol, I note with satisfaction that Orthodox science should at least acknowledge that in the Urals, there was a fairly advanced civilization almost 12 thousand years ago. Most often, these awkward artifacts simply ignored or even somewhere disappear without a trace.

Recall that the unique Shigir idol, which has proved to now, for millennia looks at this world with its mysterious masks, stored in the Yekaterinburg history Museum.

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