The Irishman took a picture of a mysterious phenomenon in the sky as a giant eye

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Ирландец сфотографировал загадочное явление в небе в виде гигантского глаза

The Internet is gaining popularity a mysterious photograph, which depicts a celestial phenomenon in the form of a giant eye, created from the clouds. Remarkable material published MrMBB333, a user called themselves at the service where there were photos. When this young man said that is not the immediate author of the picture, and handed it to him photographer of Irish descent — a Jesper.

Jesper also contacted an expert on unidentified flying objects, suggesting that big eye in the sky may not be fancy cloud, and the proof of extraterrestrial intelligence. The Irishman told the expert on the bizarre events in the celestial space, as of April 22, reached the place of their work, and in the way he happened to notice a mysterious pattern. At this point, he right away wanted to stop the car and capture what he saw on the camera of your mobile device, which was then taken by this man.

The Creator of the striking frame has no assumptions about the nature of celestial phenomena, however, no doubt that it can be safely called a big puzzle in which every inhabitant of our planet can most likely only once in your life, if the mind outside the great eye is the relationship still has not.

Read actively discussing a picture of a religious person, in turn, already have thrown their own hypotheses associated with the sign. One of these versions, big eyes is a divine hint. And to say that God, according to them, could not only Jesper, but to the world. It should be noted that also contributes the theory of thinking of clouds, from which it follows that such education will never be random, therefore they should be considered exclusively divine tips for people.

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