Found in the Chinese temple

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Найденный в китайском храме

(Pagoda Wang Han and the statue of the Golden Buddha, Vietnam)

In China, in a County In Shanxi province, during the repair of the tallest wooden pagoda, built almost a thousand years ago, unexpectedly-out of the blue was discovered two teeth, which according to tradition belongs to Buddha Sakyamuni, living on the Land in the VI-V centuries BC. There are only seven such unique cult of the teeth of the great spiritual master of the Buddhists .

Найденный в китайском храме

Pagoda Sakyamuni, China

But when the find was examined by scientists (the teeth were sent to the laboratory of the Belgian city of Antwerp), they were literally shocked, because one of them found sarira is a mysterious substance of extraterrestrial origin. Note that sarira previously found in the cremated ashes of spiritual masters of the Buddhists, since the substance is not subject to any fire, and no high temperature, which is possible on Earth. It didn’t even destroy a maximum pressure of 2 tons per square centimeter, that is, to produce sarira with the help of modern technologies is impossible. Then how she appeared on Earth in ancient times?..

Scientists using infrared studies have determined that sarira, like diamond, is composed mostly of carbon with some impurities of sulphur, antimony, zinc and tellurium. The matter is clearly of artificial origin, occurring in the form of small «pearls» with a different color.

Найденный в китайском храме

However sarira discovered in the tooth of the Sakyamuni Buddha, was struck by researchers not only for their supernatural physical properties. The age of this substance, as they have determined, is not less than 3 billion years. But when the scientists increased with a microscope a piece sarily a thousand times, I noticed it still figures of the Buddha: a little more than the figure in the middle, surrounded by four same figures smaller.

Researchers are wondering: where did all it could take on the Earth? And most importantly, why is the Buddhist saints with this sariras that she carries and what properties, unknown to earthly science, in fact, possess?..

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