Lightning hit the rainbow, then falls down a mysterious dark object

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Молнии бьют в радугу, затем вниз падает загадочный темный объект

On April 21 of this year the inhabitant of the English town of Bridgewater in Somerset filmed bad weather. Megan Taylor was interested, in particular, the rainbow in the sky, which suddenly began to beat lightning. It was a very beautiful and unusual, so the woman decided to show then are the «heavenly miracles» to their loved ones .

But then something even more strange. From the sky suddenly fell strange dark object, well captured in the following frames. Needless to say that Taylor received the video not only native, but also was sent to ufological organization, so that the record became available to Internet users. To date, it has already been seen by tens of thousands of interested people.

Skeptics, of course, felt that it was just electrical charges which bird, however, ufologists have a different opinion.

Well-known British UFO researcher Nigel Watson has carefully studied the record and concluded that eyewitness captured object is artificially created. Perhaps it was a drone that actually hit by lightning, leading the device to malfunction. Watson is not willing to say that we are talking about alien technology, but requires it. And with it, so I guess many other users of the world wide web.

Anyway, mysterious the video quickly spread via the Internet, allowing people to admire the unusual natural phenomenon, accompanied by some mystery that everyone is free to decide as he wants, as he let his experience and knowledge, or even tells him his heart.

Video: Lightning hit the rainbow, then falls down a mysterious dark object

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