The moon — dark side

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Луна — темная сторона

Space is the space which contains the answers to all the questions of mankind. However, he did not give them. In order to get answers, people have to try. You can not engage in exploration of outer space and its conquest is not going through the most difficult stages of development for our morality. The rapid start of the space race in the last century has led to an unprecedented успехfм. Landing on the moon was to be the first step to this development. Instead, we took three steps back.

Mission to the moon became a key step in the space race. During the cold war, the two superpowers sought to conquer our natural satellite. Lunar program the Soviet Union was defeated, however, the United States succeeded. The first step was taken. The first Apollo headed for the moon. Man’s first steps on the lunar surface. The first footage. The first radio broadcast. All this was perceived as a new step into a new future. People have been psychologically ready to sacrifice for the sake of space exploration. Mentally children dream about how they will live on the moon and to travel among the stars. The biggest irony is that all this was not to be.

The Americans flew to the moon more than 10 times, but on hearing just the first landing. It turns out that the rest of the traffic was useless. Only capitalist countries are best able to calculate the profit and never would invest in super-expensive lunar mission. In these flights must be a reason. Exactly as in the reason we decided to retreat to better times. Man, knowing the potential development of the moon, did not dare to take more resolute steps. Many argue that the astronauts just haven’t found anything useful. However, on returning to Earth they all signed papers about nondisclosure of state secrets. None of them never said what happened on the moon. Based on this historical fact, some independent researchers argue that people found on the moon what is that it is not able to cope. It must be something so complex and intimidating that even the US cowardly abandoned their efforts to develop promising space. USA – this is not a country that is willing to compromise. They will defend their interests at any cost and will not back down. This means that something scared them much more than the Soviet Union.

One of the most likely theory says that the dark side of the moon by the American astronauts find crashed alien ship, which are unable to explore the strength of backward technologies. However, this assumption cannot stand in front of one iron argument. If there was something so important that the United States would do everything possible to the Soviet Union was unable to reach the ship. This allows you to judge whether that finding is quite able to defend herself. It turns out that when faced with the object, the Americans were rebuffed, which truly frightened. In this case, the fact that the moon has killed several astronauts – is not surprising. On the contrary, it is natural. Realizing that an unknown object is no protection, in the US, decided to leave it to the moon until better times. In order to conceal information was invented a version of the wreck of several ships, and astronauts were forced to sign an agreement not to disclose strategic information. It is also said that agreements have been signed after the mission. This means that before the flight, there was the possibility of not meeting the mysterious object. And this is quite strange, because this is possible only if the object moved.

Here begins the second and most probable version. The unknown object was not a victim of the crash of the alien ship and the alien machine is in good technical condition. Apparently, it aggressively reacts to any attempt to come to or explore various scanners. Intelligent beings would never do that. However, to do so would of limited intelligence artificial intelligence, acting in accordance with security protocols. The unknown object was unmanned, and all his actions were aimed not to protect, and to prevent the alien technology in the hands of the people. Numerous conspiracy theories converge in one. On the moon, there really is a lot of objects are able to move. See them even the astronauts on the ISS and removed an unidentified phenomenon. We can’t study them, so you can assume anything. Most likely, on the moon deployed many unmanned machinery overseeing the progress of human civilization.

The armed forces of the United States in the last century had planned to spend a unique operation. It included the first nuclear test on the moon. On a natural satellite had no instrumentation, which is on the earth nuclear sites. This means that conducting a nuclear test on the moon would bring a minimum of information. Why are Americans suddenly decided to inflict a nuclear strike on the moon? This project was closed. According to the official version that it was dangerous. However, the Moon has experienced meteorite bombardment, and they happen there still. A nuclear explosion could not move its orbit in the slightest. It’s impossible. Former CIA officials, in anonymous interviews, argue that the project folded, not because of fear for safety testing. The reason is simple – with the leadership of the United States associated with the moon. There is a possibility that an atomic bomb can cause serious damage by alien technology. To prevent this, was made contact with US, and all of the lunar program turned. Most likely reason is that the observers did not monitor progress on the Ground. They’re waiting for humanity will have an acceptable level of technical development in order to take them to the Union.

The US government, both formal and informal is in any case perfectly aware of that actually is on the moon. The fact that this information is carefully hushed up only confirms the fact that all is not so simple, says the official version.

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