In the Krasnodar region mystically lit dolmen

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Surprising news came from Abinsk district, located in the Krasnodar region. In the middle of a forest in the village of shapsugskaya suddenly lit up in the evening one of the dolmens. Hole oldest buildings shone in the twilight neon light, hitting random witnesses. The latter managed to capture the phenomenon on camera.

В Краснодарском крае мистически засветился дольмен

The incident was immediately interested in Russian journalists, who wished to ascertain the nature of the alleged mysticism.

Called dolmens, stone tombs and religious buildings of the ancient tribes, and even buildings of alien civilizations. In the Caucasus, is about three thousand such objects erected in the third and second millennia BC, and wraps up a lot of myths, indirectly confirming the observations of witnesses. In Novorossiysk, Gelendzhik and, in fact, the Shapsug village of dolmens have more than just RF.

The crew decided to find out why there was the dolmen, went to the forest at sunset. Local resident Natalia Musienko, who photographed unusual lights in the stone building, willingly made journalists the company. It turned out that we are talking about the dolmen-shaped, excavated in the thickness of the quartz Sandstone and covered with the top plate. The construction weight is about thirty tons. Musienko believes that the large and seemingly random dimples on the dolmen are built in the sky map and point to the constellation Cassiopeia, but what does it mean, the woman doesn’t know.

В Краснодарском крае мистически засветился дольмен

Ended this story, alas, is uninteresting. Members of the media have not managed to capture that evening something remarkable. Mysterious photo of Natalia is the only proof that here was something unusual. At least, experts in the field have recognized that the picture was not processed. However, some of them assume that speech can go about the glare in the camera lens or something like that.

Maybe this mysterious orbs — beings from the subtle world, which, for example, not once was shot near dolmens of Adygea Russian researcher Sergei Gerasimov?..


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