The mystery of the «Beast Bolama»: if many of the Bigfoot sightings to be a product of the mind of man himself?

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In 2002, the town of Balls in Northumberland (UK), swept a wave of sightings of Bigfoot (Yeti). For several days dark and hulking big creature, immediately nicknamed the «British Bigfoot» and saw a few people.

Загадка "Зверя Болама": Могут ли многие наблюдения йети быть порождением разума самого человека?

In January 2003, the Balls went to the team of cryptozoologists and they got three eyewitnesses Bigfoot, who saw him at Bolonskogo lake, and recorded their stories. They also claimed that they caught a glimpse of a strange creature.

And in February 2003 a local newspaper published a scandalous article called «How do jokers scare all the Beast Bolama». It told about how the guy and the girl confessed that they staged all this hype, disguised in a suit of Bigfoot.

A couple of 17-year-old Harriet Warman and 18-year-old Alex Dordoy got a carnival gorilla suit and in the summer of 2002, the Teens for three days wandering in this costume at the local Kielder forest, take turns changing clothes in it. They wanted to make their original project and to create pictures in the style of classic images of the Yeti.

Harriet and Alex were very surprised later when I saw in the papers the stories about the «Beast Bolama». And the project really became famous and made some noise in their school when they presented it.

So, it was just mass hysteria because of the fake? Not so simple in this story.

First you need to confirm that Yes, all cases of Bigfoot sightings in Bolama happened in those days when the forest ran Alex and Harriet. The problem however is that people saw that the Yeti at least 40 miles from the place where the assurances of teenagers, they were doing staged shots.

Загадка "Зверя Болама": Могут ли многие наблюдения йети быть порождением разума самого человека?

Friends prepared your project in Kielder forest, but Bigfoot is seen near Bolonskogo lake. From the lake to Kielder forest about 40 miles in a straight line. The assurances of a boy and a girl, they never were at the lake in costume Yeti.

However the school is Gosforth High School, where he studied both teenagers, is just 7 miles from the lake. Could another student to inflict the same joke? This is not an impossible scenario.

Blascoe lake

Загадка "Зверя Болама": Могут ли многие наблюдения йети быть порождением разума самого человека?

But even if in the summer of 2002 it was another guy in a suit, who then saw in January 2003 a research group?

Here it is necessary to make an important remark. These people came here with only one purpose, to learn about the Yeti and it is desirable to see the Yeti. That is the way that Bigfoot was in their minds during all the days that they’ve been here. What if they have seen the Yeti was only a product of their consciousness and expectations, a thought-form?

Thought form — an esoteric term. Esoterics believe that when a person deeply, often, and thoroughly thinks about something mentally an energy message coming from this person and from it arises a thought-form. This creature, born of the human mind, acquires an independent existence and has an astral body and mental essence. For example, if you only think about the bad around you and will only be bad.

Then you can go back to the witnesses «the Beast from Bolama». It is likely that the first just happened to see running around the woods of Alex and Harriet, but then when he told about this to others and there is a new Bigfoot witnesses, this time saw him at the lake, they have seen the creature might just be the most thought-form. They heard about the local Yeti, I thought about him and meeting him, and has generated a thought-form.

There’s another caveat, as the Bigfoot seen at the lake in those days, that teenagers were running through the woods, is it possible that the thought was generated by a couple of teenagers? After all, three days in the forest, they thought mostly about Bigfoot. Are there thought to limit the distance to which it may be removed from the person who created it? About it difficult to answer even esoteric.

In fact, this hypothesis can be applied not only to «the beast from Bolama», but to many other occasions. For example, regular monitoring of Nessie in the Scottish lake Loch ness. For the most part these observations were made by tourists who come to this lake with the hope to see the beast.

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