Irish lived with a «hole in the brain» and had only problems with coordination

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The physicians found in the brain of an elderly Irish air-filled cavity: a cause of the phenomenon turned out to be a benign bone tumor. To help the patient failed conservative treatment. This writes

The doctors in my practice repeatedly confronted with cases that can confound even highly experienced specialist. One such incident happened to 84-year-old Irish. The case described Dr. Finlay brown (Finlay Brown) in the edition of BMJ Case Reports.

Ирландец жил с "дыркой в мозгу" и испытывал лишь проблемы с координацией

The man complained to the doctors on the problems associated with poor coordination. Recent months old Irishman, in his own words, was extremely clumsy, occasionally stumbled and fell. A few days before a trip to the doctor, he also felt weak, gripping the left side of the body. With all this, the speech and sight of the elderly person was in order.

At first, doctors found no abnormalities, he came to the conclusion that normal operation of the peripheral nervous system. Experts have suggested a stroke, and was followed by computed tomography. The results greatly surprised the experts: to place the right frontal lobe was empty.

Finlay brown suggested the operation in the early years, however, according to the patient, anything like this in his life. Subsequently performed magnetic resonance imaging showed formed in the front part of the skull air-filled cavity, which reached 9 cm in diameter. This phenomenon is called «pneumatocele»: it can occur after trauma, infection or surgery.

In the described case the reason was a benign tumor osteoma. It was formed in the region of the ethmoid — unpaired bones of the cerebral part of a human skull that separates the nasal cavity from the cranial cavity. Because of damage to the bones, the air began to get into the skull, so the effect turned out one-way valve.

Further studies showed that the increased pressure in the skull caused a slight hemorrhage, which led to the appearance of the initial symptoms. Doctors suggested an operation that could prevent the risk of re-hemorrhage. But the patient chose conservative treatment, fearing the risks. After 12 weeks the patient declared normal state of health so that treatment can be considered successful.

Recall that one of the most amazing cases of medical practice, associated with the brain of a person took place in 2014, when the brain of the Chinese pulled a tape worm, who lived there nearly four years.

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