Considered cursed cedar destroyed standing next to car

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In the British town of Caterham, Surrey, one of the Central streets of the unusual 250-year-old spreading cedar. About this tree in the city steeped in legend, it is called «cursed», «unfortunate» or simply ominous.

According to the 62-year-old Karen Lilly who lived all his life in Caterham, the cedar is one of the oldest trees in the city and is considered bad luck to even stand near it and especially to discuss something with him. Since all this then brings troubles and misfortune.

Считающийся проклятым кедр уничтожил стоящий рядом автомобиль

As writes the Daily Star, notorious cedar went after this tree a couple of hundred years ago, hanged a witch. Also ominous aura of cedar is credited with over standing next to the house as the «haunted house». In this house several times saw the Ghost of a little girl.

The other day the evil fame of the cedar once again showed itself in all its glory. Parked next to the tree, the car suddenly caught fire and flames quickly engulfed him. To extinguish the machine went the fire truck, but the car remained only the skeleton. The cause of the fire is now under investigation.

«When I was little, my nanny were strictly forbidden me to come to this tree while walking» — continues to tell Karen Lilly -«All this is also connected with the house, because the cedar is part of his garden. On it hung a witch, and in the house lives a Ghost-girl».

Karen Lilly says that when talking about anomalous cedar to other people, they often don’t believe her and think it is all old wives ‘ tales. However the burnt car is fairly well cemented paranormal the glory of the tree.

Считающийся проклятым кедр уничтожил стоящий рядом автомобиль

Karen is afraid to even take a picture of this tree and some other residents admitted that when held next to the cedar, I’m not even holding my breath.

Local resident Andrea Knowles says that I have to say that this tree is cursed (probably the witch hanged) and everyone knows that if you speak with him, then expect trouble. And when you passed him, you need to hold your breath and then, «his spirit will not notice you.»

Journalists managed to find someone who saw this cedar Ghost of a nun and monk, and they ostensibly appear there regularly. Also they say that the offices, which are located in the houses on this street, and I see other ghosts. So, for example, employees of a construction company Buxton flatly refuse to go into the basement alone. They are afraid to meet a Ghost.

Считающийся проклятым кедр уничтожил стоящий рядом автомобиль

This building is also regularly reported on the observation of poltergeist, and the last incident took place during Halloween. Something was off from the tables stationery and opened the Cabinet doors.

According to the head of the company, in that day even the bravest men are afraid to leave the last of the office in a hurry and left it almost at the same time. They felt heavy, oppressive atmosphere that seemed to push them to get the hell out of the building.

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