On the ruins of a medieval castle photographed the Ghost of the black monk

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Father and son photographed the ruins of an ancient castle in Kent (England) and one of the photos show the eerie black monk. The author says that at the time of shooting in the ruins there was no one outside and the more a man dressed in a nun’s habit.

50-year-old John wicks and his 12-year-old son Harry arrived in a dilapidated medieval castle in the village of Eynsford, Kent in order to study the history of the castle that was necessary for a school essay, Harry. John wicks decided to take some pictures of the ruins of the castle and in one photograph he and Harry later saw the mysterious silhouette in a black cloak or robe.

На развалинах средневекового замка засняли призрак черного монаха

Not being confident in the nature of what got to the, John wicks asked for help from one of the researchers of paranormal phenomena — Alan Tigwell. He looked at the photo, and then went himself to the castle ruins and said that he had «no real explanation for this phenomenon» and that it «is clearly something fantastic.»

— I’m studying anomalous phenomena for over 20 years and I’ll tell you what — that place in the castle there is nothing that would be cause of appearance of a Ghost in the picture. And it’s not a hole in the wall, as suggested by some who saw only the picture.

На развалинах средневекового замка засняли призрак черного монаха

На развалинах средневекового замка засняли призрак черного монаха

John himself managed to know something. He found that the black monk seen here before. It is believed to be the Ghost of William de Eynsford, the son of the owner of the castle, who in 1130 became a monk.

Later John wicks knitted display of a monk in his picture that he in my life had experiences of mystical properties. In 1995, he got into a motorcycle accident and for a time was in a state of clinical death. At the time, he saw the Ghost of his grandfather, who urged him «to return to your side».

  • The Ghost of the black monk was caught on video as a flash in the window of a closed pub
  • The woman claims that her men had driven away the Ghost of the black monk
  • At the construction site in Surrey have seen the Ghost of a headless monk
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