Places of landings of flying saucers

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«Nests UFO» or «UFO nests» Australian journalists called the strange circular bald spots in the grass, which in 60-e years began to see in a swampy area of Queensland. It was a strange round spots of dried reeds and surrounded by green plants.

Just say that the phenomenon should be distinguished from the better known phenomenon of «crop circles». The plants in crop circles are usually not torn and almost not damaged, but only gently flattened and/or twisted, and the plants in «UFO nests» are often uprooted, yellowed and faded.

Mass invasion of UFOs in Queensland, allegedly began in 1945, but the most striking observation was already made in the 1960-ies. The first observation of a highly publicized was done on may 23, 1965, a hotel owner in Eton Range Mr. Jim Tilson near the city of Mackay.

Места посадок летающих тарелок

He saw a small round luminous object fell briefly in front of the hotel, leaving to the police numerous traces on the grass and the trees.

A year later, the rumors about the mysterious reed bald spots reached Sydney, and the reporter of the «Sydney sun Herald» Ben Devi immediately went to Queensland. He found there the marshes of five perfect circles with a diameter of about thirty feet. Yellow, entirely of dried reeds on them was blown down, partially uprooted and laid carefully in a clockwise direction.

Ben Devi suggested to associate «circles on the moor» with UFO seen in Queensland, directly in the very days when there were these strange brown spots among the green reeds. And rightly so.

Места посадок летающих тарелок

That’s the message of a native of Queensland, collector of bananas George Sneaky — quite typical in a number of others like him. On the morning of 19 January 1966 he was riding around on a tractor on a country road near the swamp when he heard a loud hissing «like sound coming from the tire air.»

The next moment he saw a flying saucer, rapidly rising out of the swamp. After a few seconds, «plate» disappeared into the blue sky. «It was moving with terrifying speed,» said the garbage bananas.

When the UFO disappeared from his eyes, intrigued by the eyewitness of the incident stopped his tractor and ran into the reeds, he saw «the circle in the swamp,» in which the cane was knocked down in a clockwise direction.

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Famous American UFO researcher Jacques Vallee in his book «Passport to Mahonia» describes a similar circle that appeared near the town of DelRoy, Ohio, USA, after a series of some mysterious «explosions in air» 20 June 1965. It was, according to Valle, «all education on earth. Wheat ears seemed to have been torn from the ground like a torn in the Queensland cane».

The week before on the same farm in Wiltshire remained after landing UFO several «circles» with a diameter of eight feet, partially covered potato and wheat fields.

Места посадок летающих тарелок

Seen similar circles in Russia. Here’s what he told a group of students-historians, worked on archaeological excavations near the village of Semikarakorsk of the Rostov region:

«July 12, 1984 late in the evening we saw over the hill, at the foot of which was situated the camp, emerged a large, glowing ball of bluish color. After a few seconds he disappeared over the horizon… the next morning when we went to the opposite slope of the hill, we found there is a clearly delineated circle of flattened grass, which was not yesterday.

The size of the circle is three meters. Grass look withered, yellowed. Some of us were in the circle, tearing the withered grass and examined it. Soon those who have been there, has headaches, to the throat, was rolled nausea. Given this, we have to circle more came».

Medveditsky ridge, the landing of a UFO

Места посадок летающих тарелок

About the same according to the eyewitness A. Swarin from the Irkutsk region:

«August 6, 1981, approximately five miles from the village of Bolshie Koty, on the coast of lake Baikal, and I gathered in the forest mushrooms. Went to some clearing and suddenly see — in the grass a clear six-foot circle of dried on the vine vegetation. This is an amazing spot in the grass was so perfectly round, as if drawn by a compass. The grass in it was torn out at the roots and randomly scattered inside the circle».

Not have passed this Cup and the city of Murom in Vladimir region, where in September 1976, «one morning in the meadow located directly outside the city outskirts, a large stain irregularly flattened grass.»

In 1985, uplog Alexey Priyma investigated the circumstances of the mysterious death of journalist Victor Burikova from Rostov-on-don. According to his statement, he became seriously ill immediately after contact with the operator of a UFO. The contact took place in a clearing in a grove on the banks of the don river, after which the journalist lived only three months.

Ufologist went into the small grove of trees and soon found the glade. Exactly where indicated Burikov, he found two round bald spots in the grass, each with a diameter of approximately seven meters. «Saucer» landed in the clearing twice, when her crew was briefly abducted Burikova and when returned it back to the clearing. These two bald spots — places of two UFO landing in a clearing.

Burikova rendezvous with the crew of a UFO occurred in October 1984. A UFO appeared in the clearing in July 1985. That is, it is natural that any dried and wilted grass in the area were found dead grass, if any there were, «ate» winter.

But new vegetation was there two times lower than outside the «spots». The grass in the circles was a strange impression — she looked weak, sickly. It differed from the surrounding greenery and the color was paler. So, nine months later, the area remained abnormal.

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