Conspiracy theories about the assassination of President Kennedy: an Empty coffin, six bullets and… Kennedy didn’t kill

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55 years ago, November 22, 1963, was publicly assassinated John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States. He was the youngest, charming and loveable… the White House — about his numerous novels and still legendary. But, of course, excited by the circumstances of his death.

Теории заговора об убийстве президента Кеннеди: Пустой гроб, шесть пуль и... Кеннеди не убивали

Still the majority of Americans do not believe in the conclusions of the official Commission of Senator Warren, were not able (or not wanting) to answer two main questions: «How many bullets struck the President? Whom it was profitable?..»

The famous shooting of Abraham Zapruder, the best captured the moment of Kennedy’s assassination


But here are some interesting assumptions in this respect have been made in our time.

Someone now seriously says that the grave of US President John F. Kennedy… empty. At Arlington national cemetery under a sign with his name no tomb. As informed «national Enquirer», the hypothesis that the empty tomb stands for expert Jackson Kelly, interviewed hundreds of FBI agents, politicians, prostodyrovo a lot of sources. According to him, possible two versions.

The first is that John F. Kennedy survived in the assassination attempt in Dallas. And long lived, hiding from the re-attack. Second option: his body was secretly cremated in order to prevent a second autopsy, which inevitably would prove that on 22 November 1963, Kennedy was Shot six times and five bullets were in his body, and not two in the head and neck, according to the official version.

Теории заговора об убийстве президента Кеннеди: Пустой гроб, шесть пуль и... Кеннеди не убивали

Dr. Sonya Faron claims that she was personal physician to Kennedy from 1963 to 1989, and he still survived. Many American Newspapers reported that the aged Kennedy (or his double?) was photographed on 3 January 1991. The same man had been seen later and re-photographed, surrounded by secret service agents at the tomb of Kennedy.

However, this statement contradicts the words of fellow at the Washington funeral home, who claims that he secretly cremated the body of Kennedy at the request of the secret service. This witness was subjected to a psychological examination, tested on a lie detector and no one caught him in fiction.

«It says nothing, is disputing the testimony of a gravedigger Dr. Kelly. — Secret service agents may have deliberately mislead him: surviving the assassination of Kennedy could replace fobo double for a fake funeral, and then cremated, to throw the investigation off the scent».

All this gives us grounds to reject common misconceptions, and go back to the events of half a century ago to try to re-perform the events of those days.

Теории заговора об убийстве президента Кеннеди: Пустой гроб, шесть пуль и... Кеннеди не убивали

The Senate Committee inquiring into the circumstances of the assassination of the President, as you know, came to the conclusion that his death at the hands of Lee Harvey Oswald. Shot from a rifle with a telescopic sight, according to investigators, was not a hired killer, he’s just a bigot-loner. Did not bother the experts even the fact that Oswald was a former Marxist and about 4 years of living in the USSR — revenge for the Cuban missile crisis they, to their credit, this attempt did not see.

What were the exact motives driving Oswald, could not figure out: on the second day after his arrest, he publicly shot by nightclub owner Jack ruby. And, again, the Commission considered that the cause of the second murder was personal: they say, ruby made mob killings over responsible for the death of dearly beloved President.

Ruby shoots Oswald

Теории заговора об убийстве президента Кеннеди: Пустой гроб, шесть пуль и... Кеннеди не убивали

However, as shown by medical examination, Jack ruby was living his last days and knew that cancer does not leave him the slightest chance to survive. He actually died in prison, leaving a scandalous memory.

However, such explanations seemed to many not very convincing. For the Dallas tragedy they are imagining a scenario well-designed operations, designed and executed a cold-blooded professionals. Who are they? On this point, opinions differ: Kennedy had enough political enemies — both inside and outside the country.

Some researchers have even suggested that John removed the envoys of a world government controlled by the aliens, they didn’t want news of this became public knowledge. In addition, we should not ignore the possible revenge someone out of their husbands, decided to get even with those who made him a cuckold many of them were very influential figures.

Thus, what is known today?

As you know, the official Commission, chaired by Senator Warren, concluded that Lee Oswald fired from the sixth floor of a warehouse building located near the route on which the presidential motorcade. Kennedy at that moment was sitting in the back seat, leaning an elbow on the right side of the open limousine. Right in front of him in the jump seat was Governor Connally of Texas.

According to the official 6.5 seconds Oswald fired three shots, two of which hit the target. And here immediately arises a lot of doubts.

First, when professional snipers were given a rifle Lee Harvey, they refused to shoot — optical sight was shot down, and the trigger and bolt are so tight that just to make three shots in six seconds turned out to be physically impossible. But it still had to aim…

Теории заговора об убийстве президента Кеннеди: Пустой гроб, шесть пуль и... Кеннеди не убивали

Further, the rifle was found no fingerprints. They appeared later, when the rifle was taken to the morgue, where lay the already dead Oswald and put his hands to the bedstead. There is evidence that the Senate Committee found it possible not to pay attention.

By the way, and the rifle was not the one posed for Lee Harvey in the photo, found at his home* Expert Jack white, analyze this photo, I came to the conclusion that it is fake. The shadow under Oswald’s nose is not the same direction as the shadow from the body.

In addition, it is known that Lee Oswald was a very slender neck: he was wearing a shirt 36 size. In the pictures the head sits on a neck with a diameter of 41 cm in addition, the length of the rifle in the photo does not correspond to the length of the rifle found at the warehouse. It turns out that the rifle replaced.

And that’s not all… During the shelling of sitting in the car received a total of seven wounds. The question is, how is this possible when there are only two of the bullets hit the target?

A few years ago on the Internet walked news about computer models, which methods of virtual reality, recreated the full circuit of the tragedy. It is a fruit of joint efforts of German programmer, Joachim Marx and the British writer Matthew Smith.

Using the methods of photogrammetry to accurately determine in shape, size and position of objects, distances between them according to their photos and other images, the authors tried as much as possible to restore the environment in which he played the fateful events of 22 November 1963.

Теории заговора об убийстве президента Кеннеди: Пустой гроб, шесть пуль и... Кеннеди не убивали

In addition to numerous photos, a truly priceless was the film where the Amateur Abraham Zapruder filmed the presidential motorcade, accidentally captured the whole tragedy.

The computer version allows you to look at the arena of action at different angles, and hence to imagine where it could still hide the alleged killer of the President. Moreover, modern technology makes it possible to see the whole scene even as the «eyes» of the bullet!

So, if you follow the logic of the Warren Commission, one of the bullets had to fly in zigzag, and even… to hang in the air for 1.1 seconds! The only way it then could cause the wounds to the President and Senator Connally, that there was in reality.

In fairness, we note that this computer model of the Dallas tragedy — not the first. In the early 70-ies of the American programmer Richard sprag entered into the computer’s memory all that had any relation to these events — eyewitness accounts, archival photos, drawings, footage of the Amateur film.

The conclusions to which he came, already then questioned the report of the Warren Commission. According to the «electronic version», John F. Kennedy fell victim to not one but at least two or three (maybe even four) of the killers. They made six shots, of which at least two or three reached the goal.

And one of the shots from the front, which certainly could not make the Oswald shooting from the sixth floor of a warehouse building. And to hide this «extra» bullet, already a dead President underwent a secret operation for its removal.

Теории заговора об убийстве президента Кеннеди: Пустой гроб, шесть пуль и... Кеннеди не убивали

Now try to answer the main question: «Who benefited the murder of the President?» It turns out that just before Vice-President Lyndon Johnson. John Kennedy hated, but made the team for pragmatic reasons. Believed that the Vice President had dirt on the President, and he preferred to keep it nearby, under constant supervision.

Dirt well Johnson was able to obtain from FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover, whom Kennedy brothers — President and Minister of justice was going to take his post. And the Hoover was able to obtain the necessary materials are not only their agents, but also from the leaders of the mafia, with whom he collaborated, warning of possible trouble. And they in gratitude gave him the opportunity to win big betting on the tote.

This triumvirate of organized conspiracy. There is evidence that shortly before the arrival of the President in Dallas Johnson and Hoover had met secretly with the leaders of the mafia.

After that Johnson personally changed the route of the motorcade, making two sharp turns the speed of the presidential car was reduced to 20 km/h — so it was easier for her to shoot. He persuaded his friend Connelly not to sit in the same car with the President, and then pressured the Warren Commission to come to the «right» conclusions.

Mafia has allocated a brigade of killers, led by their best shooter Jimmy Fratianno. Well, Hoover was appointed as «scapegoat» Lee Harvey Oswald, which was removed again, the protege of a mafia Jack ruby. And ends in the water…

Say the US government for many years are required to remove the veils of mystery with this story. Maybe soon our eyes will be lifted the veil of illusions and lies, and we still know the truth.

Although there are also rumors that the CIA actively opposes declassifying the details of the story and is going to keep it a secret still that way for fifty years.

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