Orb of the soul or as the French researcher studied the phenomenon of the phantom-twins

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French specialist on hypnosis and researcher of various psychic phenomena Hector Djurvill ‘ (1849 — 1923) became famous in the early twentieth century, the fact that he managed during a series of experiments to explain the nature of human phantoms-doubles.

Djurvill ‘ wrote and published a book about his unique pioneering research in this area. Soon the book was translated into Russian language and appeared in the bookstores of Russia in 1915.

Шар души или как французский исследователь изучал феномен фантомов-двойников

«Cases «split» the person writes it Djurvill’, is extremely numerous in all times and among all peoples, and the stories about them are interwoven with stories about ghosts, the ghosts and the dead.»

Intrigued by the phenomenon of «splitting», the French researcher undertook an unusual study of the phenomenon. The results of their research efforts the djurvill ‘ summarized in the following words: «the Visible body with the mental point of view is only an instrument of the invisible body. Latest animates first, it implies a consciousness. These two elements of our identity can be separated during a person’s life and even studied at a distance independently from each other.»

G. djurvill ‘ experiments with mediums, that is, with people possessing pronounced psychic powers. Today these people are called psychics of the highest category.

He was loaded a medium of one or the other, in hypnosis and then asked hypnotized to release his double at will from the body, but not to interrupt your connection with him. Following this, the medium, floating in a hypnotic trance, asked questions about what he feels, sees and hears.

Without exception, hypnotized mediums were painted the same picture, which was perceived as its internal mediumistic eyes.

Behind the medium appeared transparent two luminous columns. After some time they started moving, closer and then merged with each other into a single column.

Some time later inside the column began the process that G. djurvill ‘ called «thickening». Shimmering clouds, flying clubs in the column, darkened, deepened, and the column soon was transformed into a Ghost — an exact copy of the counterpart of the hypnotized medium.

The DoppelgangeR was always connected with the body of the medium translucent, shimmering cord of a silvery color. This cord is very thick at the beginning of the process of formation of the double, was made to the end of the process the thickness of the little finger.

Шар души или как французский исследователь изучал феномен фантомов-двойников

Stress, phantom was observed only a clairvoyant medium, which floated in a trance. He was invisible to all other people. However, it soon became clear that the location invisible to others Ghost can be set with the help of instruments.

By identifying the location where the double, Djurvill ‘ or one of his assistants dealt with a fist blow to «the void» is about the thigh area of the invisible double of the medium. Almost immediately on the hip of the medium, which is painfully groaned, there was a bruise exactly where he punched his double. If double pricked with a needle, puncture the skin appeared immediately in the appropriate place on the body of the medium.

The experiments were somewhat complicated. Two of the medium participated in each of them. One was immersed in hypnosis, and he gave in a trance his testimony about the events. And the second seer, abiding in the clear consciousness of the medium, meanwhile, «including» the internal vision, also reported in turn on their own observations.

Both are involved in the experiments, the medium was informed, in particular about one of their joint, extremely interesting observation. They have seen over the shiny head of a double-Ghost «how to be brilliant ball vivid colors, casting rays in all directions».

— What kind of ball? asked Djurvill ‘ the clairvoyant Mrs. Francois was in a hypnotic trance.

Clairvoyant replied without hesitation:

— Is the abode of thought and will. Sometimes call it the «crystal of the human soul».

The balloon was connected with the head of a brilliant double cord, thin and silvery.

Another clairvoyant Mrs. Limber during one of the experiments too, like Ms. Francois, I saw that the «big shiny ball soars over the head of the Ghost.»

— It is connected with the Ghost, she added, is a very brilliant cord of fluidic matter.

Djurvill ‘ immediately asked:

— What purpose has this ball in everyday human life?

— Is the abode of the will, — said in response to Mrs. Limber.

So, the two definitions of a mysterious Orb — «the abode of thought and will» and «abode of faith». Both definitions are quite vague, hazy, and they may be treated in every one.

But here is a psychiatrist G. Durville and his assistants a new experiment with a new clairvoyant Mrs. Edme. And sensation! The mystery of the mysterious globe was partly exposed. Mrs. Edme gives a detailed, though, unfortunately, it is not a comprehensive reference on the nature of the ball, and not only about her. The statement made by Mrs. Edme under hypnosis, seems to me the bearing is so fundamental that I will give it here in full.

The physical body is not important, — said Mrs. Edme. — This is nothing. And a Ghost is all. But it’s not a simple thing. In it, inside it there is a very brilliant ball, which emits rays. Balloon and Ghost are independent of each other and can be separated. The ball has the same color as a Ghost, but much prettier.

Шар души или как французский исследователь изучал феномен фантомов-двойников

G. djurvill ‘ asks Ms. Edme floating in a deep hypnotic trance:

— Where is this ball? In the head, chest or in the belly of a Ghost?

— He is in the stomach.

— What happens when we die? — the researcher asks a new question.

But we are not dead!

— What happens at physical death?

Ghost separated from the body and away from him. However, after some time it disintegrates. But the ball but there…

In another hypnosis session Djurvill ‘ asked the clairvoyant mistress of Francois:

— How long is the ball after the death of the physical body?

— He lives always answered, clairvoyant…

The conclusion from all told is obvious. The electromagnetic counterpart of the human secretly for the latter dwells in his physical body throughout the life of the man himself. On the one hand, he is, in my hunch, bio-energetic «frame» of the physical body, «strings», «channels», «tubes» which occur, as I understand it, the basic bioenergetic processes in the human body.

And on the other hand, it is a «suit» for «a very brilliant ball,» that kind of «control center» of each human individual. The ball is inside the «suit» in the stomach.

After physical death a man of his bio-energetic «frame», or double, loses its functional significance. The need for it disappears, because the physical body exhausts its resources and exhausting them dies. Bio-energetic «frame», which became unnecessary in the nature of a thing, soon disintegrates, ustaivaet in the air. But the ball, in contrast, drifts far away. And — the most important clarification made by Mrs. Edme: «He lives forever.»

At the request Durville clairvoyants sent their twins-ghosts in the next room, in the house next door and even a trip to the city. On what he saw during these travels their counterparts, told during hypnosis sessions women mediums.

Further, sometimes arduous checks have shown that verbal descriptions corresponded to reality. As it turned out, a Ghost-DoppelgangeR could move away from the medium at a virtually unlimited distance, but the silver cord connecting it with the medium, does not terminate ever.

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