British journalist chasing aliens

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Eccentric British journalist and television star Paul O’grady has admitted that he was afraid to sleep at night, as it began to pursue the horrible humanoids on their UFO. The presenter stressed that he is not fond of alcohol and is in sound mind.

Британского журналиста преследуют инопланетяне

62-year-old TV presenter Paul O’grady, who in the UK has become a huge celebrity, said that fears of abduction by aliens. The man says that on Sunday, March 25, he found, like a UFO hovering above his garden at 2am. O’grady said that previously never believed in the existence of the afterlife, however, the UFO he saw with his own eyes.

Британского журналиста преследуют инопланетяне

It is worth Recalling that quite recently another British celebrity pop singer Kim Wilde, told reporters that the video of the saucer. According to the woman, her wish to kidnap humanoids-fans.

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